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Shared Data Limit usage messages

I have a mobile accelerate plan with a share data sim to share between my iPhone and iPad giving me 4.1gb of data to use between devises every month. Both devices are connected to my home wifi network (not telstra) and wifi is used when I am at home. I always have data turned on on my iPhone but only turn on the data on my iPad when I am not at home and need to use it. Yesterday was day one of my billing period. Last night at 9.21pm I received a text to say I had used 50% of my data, then 2mins later a text to say I had used 85%, then 2mins later a text to say 100%, 2mins later a text to say I was $50 in excess data. Both devices were not in use at the time, data was turned on on my phone but was turned off on my iPad. I phoned telstra and they confirmed the data used was in fact over 5gb, and that my iPhone had used some minuscule amount, about 140mb and my iPad had used the 5gb. Given my data usage history in the past, and that my iPad data was switched off, this is impossible. There is something terribly wrong somewhere. Basically the telstra call centre told me they cant provide data use history because it is illegal and the privacy laws prevent it. What a load of crap, the police can get it. So today I have to take my iPad to a telstra shop so they can check if it is faulty. I am so frustrated with the problems I continually get with telstra, it is pathetic. I don't know where I stand if my iPad is not faulty today, which I can assure you it isn't. I work in IT, there is nothing they can tell me today that I don't already know. Has anyone had a similar experience to this, and if so, what was the outcome?

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Re: Shared Data Limit usage messages

Have you checked the internal data usage counter in Settings?
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