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Sudden excess data useage

I received a call from 'Telstra' from a Melbourne number, wanting to talk about my account. During the conversation they required my date of birth before we could continue, I was suspicious and wouldn't give it initially and the Pilipino operator put an American supervisor on the call to reassure me all was fine, even my Medicare number would be fine.
After that date my data started being used up on my phone, despite my never previously having exceeded my limit.
I rang Telstra's call centre (in the Philippines) and the operator told me there was a spamming company pretending to be Telstra who just needed one additional piece of information about you, and then they would clone your account and steal your data. This is what is happening.
Obviously Telstra has 'lost' the personal customer information from their files (failing in their duty of care) to us. It is the only plausible explanation for so many people having this issue.
Then yesterday 'Telstra' rang my husband (from a Sydney number this time - the number was 02 9478-2200 - offering him a $5 voucher but "oh, we need your date of birth to process this"...
So the scam is active and Telstra is failing us. At the very least I want a new phone number and credit for the last 3 months of excess data useage...

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Re: Sudden excess data useage

These scams are normally made from overseas, it isn't really coming from a Melbourne or Sydney number, they come through sophisticated overseas computer systems that generate random numbers to dial and to show a from dialed number.


They are impossible to stop. It's an International problem which has been widely publiscised by the government and by communications companies world wide to prevent people from being scammed.


Take a look at the following link and Telstra's advic e re these hoax calls:






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Re: Sudden excess data useage

I have to agree with Jeff that this isn't a Telstra issue I'm afraid. However their name is used is because a random person is more likely to be with them than any other carrier. Much like calls use the ATO because the person you call is likely to have to deal with them.

If at ANY point you are suspicious about the origin of a call, tell the operator to leave a note on your account. Hang up, and call via a published number. This applies not only for Telstra.

I can get your name and address from the phone book, reverseaustralia, or electoral rolls. With your DOB I then have the basics needed for identity theft.
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Re: Sudden excess data useage

Not a Telstra issue? Using offshore operators to handle nearly every aspect of their business has opened up many opportunities for scam artists.

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Re: Sudden excess data useage

I agree that using other countries to deal with the  issues does open the door for scammers. So why do we have these overseas calling centres.


90% of the time they are not helpful. They lie about issues and they do not record the entire conversation.


At the moment I am very disappointed with Telstra customer service. The operators mislead you and as far as I am concerned that is misrepresentation of the company.


All I want is the phone call that was promised nearly 96 hours ago.

Terri R
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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Sudden excess data useage

Hi T_T45

Very disappointing that you have not received a call after 96 hours. If you complete you will receive a call within 24 hours, that I can assure. Otherwise, you can chat with us directly at

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