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Telstra help during Covid- for its international students

I recharged 5 days back. I used to receive additional 10gb with the already given 10gb for the 30$ recharge. Now first thing I have only received the 10gb and I think Telstra should have some offer for international students during this covid crisis. Especially students in general. And is there some offer available that I do not know about for students please update me.

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Re: Telstra help during Covid- for its international students

The bonus data offers generally expire after about 3 months.


Try changing your offer. There is currently a 25GB (8GB +17GB bonus) for $30 offer (for the first 3 recharges before 31st August).

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Re: Telstra help during Covid- for its international students

Hi @Jerrin,


It sounds like you're on the Pre-Paid Max plan as that plan had 10GB Bonus Data for the first 3 recharge's.


The Max plan $30 Recharge has Unlimited standard international calls to some countries.


The Pre-Paid Complete plan that Jupiter is referring to doesn't have Unlimited International Calls to any country....it has Zone 1 and Zone 2.

A $30/28 day expiry recharge on the Pre-Paid Complete plan has 300 minutes (5 hours) talk to Zone 1 countries and 60 minutes (1 hour) talk to Zone 2 countries.

If you make a lot of International Calls now to a country that has unlimited calling using your current Pre-Paid plan, you might not want to change to the Pre-Paid Complete plan.


The below link shows the Complete plan inclusions per recharge.



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