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Telstra recharge

I completed a 28 day recharge on my prepaid a/c which was to expire on 15 April. I received an email reminder from Telstra on the 10 April advising of this expiration date.  At that time I added further 14 day recharge to my prepaid a/c  as I would be absent from my home address and needed to have wifi coverage whilst I was absent from home.  I then received a further email from Telstra advising that my prepaid a/c would now expire on the 24 April??  What happened to the other 5 days that I had already paid for?

Now I have just received a further email from Telstra stating my prepaid a/c expires on the 16 April??

i thought this would be a simple transaction but it doesn't seem to be tooooo simple for Telstra



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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Telstra recharge

When you recharge, it's not cumulative. The expiry is 28 days from the day that you recharge. So if you recharge early, you forfeit the remaining days on the existing recharge.


If you use your Prepaid service on a continual basis, you would be better off setting up an automatic recharge for the same day each month, which extends the 28 day expiry out to a full calendar month.


As far as the notifications that you are getting, are they definitely for the same service?

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