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Telstra sucks at everything.

Why can’t Telstra turn off the automatic $10 for 1 gig extra data. In any other industry this would be illegal. Just like the fact that it’s up to the customer to find the cheapest and most efficient plan or product. If Telstra was in any other business the ACCC would close them down.

I get charged late fees when I’m 24 hours late paying my bill. EXTORTION.
However when Telstra makes a mistake and overcharges me I have to wait until the next bill cycle??????

No wonder customers are leaving in their droves.

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Re: Telstra sucks at everything.

The $10 for 1 gig automatic topup is outlined in the terms and conditions for modern mobile plans (post 2015 I believe). They are also not the only mobile carrier that does this

Switching it off (if it can actually be done) will revert data charges to the old per MB charge which would result in it costing significantly more (E.g hundreds of dollars)
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Re: Telstra sucks at everything.

Hi there,


Thanks for reaching out to us. When you exceed your monthly mobile data allowance, the excess data rate is 1GB for $10. This will be outlined in your plan. You can download a copy of your Critical Information Summary here To help avoid this, you can upgrade your plan or add a data pack which cost less than the excess data rate. Further information about our plans and data packs can be found here Our Sales team can also be reached on Live Chat and will be able to discuss a plan that best suits your needs. In addition to the SMS data usage notifications which you will receive when you reach 50%, 85% and 100% of your monthly data allowance, we also provide tools such as our 24x7 app and My Account where customers can track their usage and manage their service. You can also request a payment extension using either. 


- Tim 

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Re: Telstra sucks at everything.

I am not sure why you are complaining @Telstrasuxcox. As @Yastiandrie outlined it is to protect you against much more crazy per MB charges of the past. IMHO, I am happy for this to be introduced, and until now I have not seen a sane person who would not be happy about it...

Late fee and refunds are two different terms in a business dictionary... It is in your contract, that if you pay late, you will pay penalty, but it is nowhere in your contract that you get refund immediately (although, I personally agree with you that it should be as soon as possible. But it is not Telstra only - I had recently incorrect charge of $30 on my AMEX Platinum and I will get it back only at the next billing period. Will I stop using it? Of course not, I get many more perks out of it than such a measly $30 delayed by 30 days...).

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