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Tethering vs prepaid dongle

Does the performance differ between tethering from a mobile phone and WiFi from a broadband dongle? By performance I mean data transfer rates as well as cost per MB.

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Re: Tethering vs prepaid dongle



its a bit awkward to compare mobile phone allowances to dongle allowances... (mobile phone is more than likely to include extra's like calls and texts)


in terms of  the cost per MB this will be more reliant on the specific plan you take up pre-paid or post paid.


in terms of performance this will depend on whether the phone and/ or dongle are 3G or 4G compatible.


3G would be like ADSL

4G would be like NBN Fibre (except tends to work more often than not Smiley Tongue)

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Re: Tethering vs prepaid dongle

I may have found the answer myself. Telstra dongle rates vary from $20 for 21 days to $180 for 365 days working out at 8c/Mb to 1.46c/Mb. For phones (just the cost of data) PrePaidPlus only go in 28 day cycles $30 to $50 or 2c/Mb to 1.25c/Mb. Unused value is rolled over if you roll over before time runs out. Simplicity is always 10c/Mb and varies from 30 days to 180 days depending on value of top up. Unused value is rolled over if you roll over before time runs out. Day2Day cost $1 a day for 100Mb or 1c/Mb but only if you use it all and there is no roll over.


So cheapest Mobile tethering is 1c/Mb or more realistically between 1.25c and 10c /Mb. Cheapest Dongle rate is 1.46c/Mb.

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