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The disgrace that is telstra

 I have an account, one of many, to put forward of my experience with the disgrace that is Telstra. 

Sometime in late 2014 or early 2015, I had purchased a prepaid sim card to service my requirements in remote locations. I had requested that data be blocked on the service whilst I was in store due to the 'rip off merchant' pricing of Telstra. Of course, as is usual with Telstra, the block failed to be implemented and charges were racking up. Naturally I brought this forward with customer support and surprisingly the issue was resolved.

Fast forward to the Saturday prior to free data day, I contacted live chat and requested the block to be removed so I could take advantage of free data day. The customer service agent advised me that he'd re-enabled data on the service and I waited till Sunday. And yet again, Telstra had failed in its usual fashion - the data was not enabled come Sunday.

On the Sunday morning, I contacted Telstra again to get it sorted in vain; the support team was undoubtably swamped with dismayed customer. The day put exceeding pressure on the entire network causing service to be poor even by Telstra's standards. When I did finally get through to complain, I was assured that there would be some compensation; re-enabling data in the remaining hours of Sunday would not occur.

I came back to customer support to claim my right some time yesterday only to be met with epitome of Telstra, a person that claims to be a supervisor... He is Dexter. I had explained that I would like 50GB of data to cover lost opportunity due to the continued failure of Telstra. He claimed that it was the fault of me for blocking the data in the first place and offered me a mere 1GB and resisted any negotiation.

He is a disgrace. The service is a disgrace. The network is a disgrace. Telstra is a disgrace and appears to be right from the core; what director pays for a failure by issuing even more failure?

Telstra's listed stocks are testament to the company as a whole; underperforming. The community in which this post resides resembles corrupted regime where allegiance to said regime is the primary criterion for I have an account, one of many, to put forward of my experience with the disgrace that is Telstra. 

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Re: The disgrace that is telstra

RE the reenabling of data. I think that Telstra was reasonable on this score. You had not been using data until the free data day arrived, therefore you were not inconvenienced by that issue and entitled to compensation. 

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