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Totally block Internet access

I need to be able to totally block my daughters Internet access as she continually exceeds her data limit. I use smart controls and have blocked everything possible, but her data still goes over. She has an iPhone 5. Any ideas please?

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Totally block Internet access

You can request a baring on WAP/Data service, you can do it via phone or livechat, but it would turn it off completely...

132200 and say "sales" or http://ilvechat.telstra.com/ and ask them to bar all WAP and Data on that phone service
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Re: Totally block Internet access

retention can action this request too. Or I think Mobile Assurance can too.

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Re: Totally block Internet access

Get a dumb phone!! I'm sure after a month or two she'll then or should I say hopefully understand the word "consequence".

"Why give a child everything they want (both directly and in-directly, namely data use) when you should only give them everything they need!"

This is a great basic phone without all the distracting BS. Can make calls, message but none of the other stuff! http://www.zte.com.au/telstra/T203.htm


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