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Unwanted extra data

Hi. I just received a text message from Telstra as follows............ Get $10/mth bonus credit for 12 mths on a new $55 mth-to-mth plan. That's all well and good for someone who needs the data and is prepared to pay to price, but I never use data on my mobile phone, just talk and text so I don't want this extra data. My concern is that it's going to be forced on me in 12 months time and I just can't afford the extra $15 a month. Am I right in thinking that in 12 months time my current mobile plan will be upgraded without my consent and if so, what can I do about it? I notice the email has an "upgrade now" button, which I'm not going to do however I'm still concerned that Telstra will upgrade my plan anyway. Hopefully somebody can set me straight. Thanks in advance.

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