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Used in 24 hours 30$ recharge

Since covid-19 an no work getting data is hard, sometimes I have to go with out, so last night I buy recharge at 30$ an by tonight it's all gone an I haven't changed the way I used my data, I've changed over from boost an lost 40$ starter Sim then 30$ recharge went to Telstar air  so I thought Telstar would be better for the people,  who knows

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Used in 24 hours 30$ recharge

Telstra Air isn't available to Prepaid customers (as of 1st Jan 2021).


How were you trying to recharge your service, and what do you mean you lost the $40 starter SIM? Do you mean you used all the data on it?


Have you checked the data usage on your phone (for Androids go to Settings->Connections-.Data Usage). If you click on Mobile data usage, it will tell you which apps have used the data as well.

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