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Wifi data mystery

For the last month I have had all wifi symbols displayed on all devices, my TV is connected and I’ve been watching Netflix etc however the data usage for my wifi account is 0 but the data being used on my phones is excessive considering both my daughter and I are almost always home and apparently connected to the wifi. I have NBN and all lights are green on my system apart from the signal is orange. Any ideas? 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Wifi data mystery

The usage on your Home Broadband will be showing as 0 as the counters were turned off when all plans went Unlimited data until 30 June.


Your phones may have "download booster/assist", "Mobile data only app" or equivalent activated (which uses both Wifi and Mobile network concurrently).


You can also go to settings->connections->Data Usage->Mobile Data Usage to see which apps are using mobile data.


There is also a setting on Android 10 devices for Data Saver that you can switch on that will help reduce usage.

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