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Are Data only sims and normal sims the same

I have an alarm system I’m looking at having to able to be remotely turned off. I am told I need a “data only sim” 

pare they the same or are they different . I’m not finding how I can just buy a data one , I have found the plan 

i called Telstra today was on hold 40 mins then “ transferred” to someone else who never answered i waited over 2.5HOURS TOTAL , please do not suggest I call again 


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Re: Are Data only sims and normal sims the same

There are some phone only prepaid SIM packs that include credit and are only meant for phone use. Most SIM can be used for a mobile data or mobile phone service. When you activate the SIM you nominate what type of service you want. These SIMs clearly indicate on the package that they can be used for either a Telstra Mobile phone or Mobile data service. Once activated you can change the type of service it is used for.

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Re: Are Data only sims and normal sims the same

The SIM cards are identical, and you will have a mobile number attached to the SIM whether you use it for voice or data. The difference is the plan you apply to the mobile service attached to the SIM card.

The alarm system says it needs a data-only SIM because they mean they only use data services - i.e. it works over the Internet - and doesn't use the voice network. At worst, you could absolutely use any SIM card that has a voice and data plan - e.g. the one out of your mobile phone - and it will work perfectly fine. The problem is it's not optimal from a billing perspective because your voice+data plan might be $50 or more, while a data only plan with no ability for voice calls could be $10/month.

I can't help with how you can actually get Telstra to help you apply a data-only plan to a SIM card but definitely, definitely the physical SIM card itself is the one-and-the-same no matter the type of plan you apply to it.

I hope this helps a little. Good luck getting in touch with someone. Maybe try a Telstra store if one is nearby.

I will find a way or make one.
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