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Blocking encrypted DNS traffic ??


After updating my Apple produces I’m getting a ‘privacy warning’ on my 2.4ghz network but not on the 5g ?? The warning is that the router is ‘Blocking encrypted DNS traffic’, something I’ve never seen before ?? I’ve worked out that it’s something to do with my Apple products but is this something to be concerned about or not ??

If it is something troubling how do I set up my router to unblock the traffic, my router is a ‘Telstra smart modem, Gen2 with voice back-up’ ?! Looking forward to your replies and assistance !!


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Re: Blocking encrypted DNS traffic ??

There are two versions of the Telstra Smart Modem 2 (SM2). they look very similar external but are made by two different suppliers and use different hardware and firmware.


The two models are (i) the Ardayan LH1000 and (ii) the Technicolor DJA0231. Do you know which one you have? or can you have a look on the bottom of the modem.


That information might assist people to help you. There have been firmware updates to the SM2's recently which may have firmware or setting changes that exacerbate your issue with the Apple devices.


There is a forum dedicated to the SM2's on Whirlpool, where you might also get some help:

https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/thread/3n4552r3?p=173   <- this link will take you to the latest page..  but I can't recall anything Apple specific over the last couple of weeks.

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