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Re: Mobile Insider - Samsung GALAXY Note Edge

Ok, actually discovered a new cool trick the phone can do. If you choose Screen Mirroring in the Settings menu (under NFC and Sharing) you can beam you're screen straight up onto your TV. Well, I have a Samsung Smart TV and it worked seamlessly. I don't know if it would work so smoothly with another brand of TV.

It was good fun watching some Youtube videos etc on the family TV, and it would be a cool way to show family and friends photos and videos.
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Re: Mobile Insider - Samsung GALAXY Note Edge

Oh, and the built in IR blaster with the Smart Remote app preloaded is definitely pretty useful. Doesn't matter if we always accidently leave the actual remote on the the TV stand anymore.
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Re: Mobile Insider - Samsung GALAXY Note Edge

yeah i am loving this phone! my partner just bought me a case for the phone and apparantly it is like a smart case and so when you close it, it locks your phone, as soon as you open it, the phone is unlocked. i am having a lot of fun using it and since i played with the audio settings, my music sounds better! although i do wish that you could customize the sound a little bit better!


i was playing with taking selfies and i have found that the phone will automatically  "airbrush" your face and make you look a lot better! i  swear that somehow it even made my eyelashes look better! i looked like i had make-up on my skin! i think that that feature will be appreciated! 


overall, if you are willing to fork out the money, then you won't be dissappointed in the actual product that you will receive.


i hope you all had a merry christmas!

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Mobile Insider - Samsung GALAXY Note Edge

Thanks for your awesome reviews so far @aegor and @cbates !


Some final questions to round off your reviews:


- What, in your view are the best and worst things about the phone?

 - If you could change one thing, what would it be?

- What type of user do you think best suits this phone?

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Re: Mobile Insider - Samsung GALAXY Note Edge

Hi Kat and all,


hope you all had a great Xmas and New Year's.


I'm still going really well with the Samsung Edge. It has replaced my previous Galaxy Note 2 for good, and will remain my main phone for at least the next few months.


The best features of the phone are the amazing main screen, the camera, the speed and smoothness that it works with, and the suite of cool extra functionality it has, including the very refined and excellent S-Pen, the voice-memo ability, and of course the Edge screen. The battery life is very good, albeit not much advanced on the Note 2, which was exceptional. Keeping it the same with a QHD screen and the extra power this device has is probably an achievement. I'm hoping Android 5 will further boost the battery life.


The worst features of the phone are its size and shape - it's just a touch to wide for me to comfortably use for prolonged periods, even as a long-term phablet user, given the wedge shape the right hand side resolves into. The metal edging looks really good, but doesn't help in this regard. It is also easy to chip or scratch that metal edging. This issue of size isn't by any means a deal-breaker, but it's the one real negative to the user-experience that I've found after my time with the phone. I'm ambivalent about the leather-esque backing as well. Some might like it more than plastic - I found it didn't help with the handling issues and sometimes felt a tiny bit slippery.


Given this, the one thing I would change would be the size, specifically the width. The issue is I love the main screen and its size. I think the Edge screen is therefore the villian. The functionality it offers is certainly useful, but comes at the cost of an extra 4mm on a phone that was already as wide as was practical, and creates the 'wedge' I've mentioned a couple of times. I'd like to keep the Edge screen and make it a tiny bit narrower if possible, and maybe that's were Samsung will take the next version of this phone if they do a sequel.


This phone would best suit users who:

 - want a phablet - sorry, that sounds obvious, but the size will instantly turn off some users. I'm a big guy with decent sized hands (not Michael Jordan sized, but still), and this phone is borderline too big for me. My wife can barely use it at all with one hand.


- want a lot of features. Samsung have loaded it up with a lot of features that make really good use of all that screen size. The S-Pen and S-Note software make this a viable replacement for a small notepad, the ability to split-screen multiple apps is useful in a pinch. I haven't toyed with fitness stuff that is built in, but the productivity features are pretty impressive. It won't replace a laptop or even a full blown tablet, but it is pretty damn useful option to have when you're out and about and have your mobile, but none of the bigger options. For some people the combination of this and a PC might make a tablet redundant.


It feels like Samsung have thought and developed a number of really useful things to do with a phone this big, whereas the feedback I've heard from people who have used some other phones this size or bigger (Nexus 6 or iPhone 6+) is that it feels like a normal phone made bigger without anything there to take advantage of it.


- Enjoy having something a bit different. I wasn't getting stopped on the street or on the train with people curious about the phone, but I did have a couple of people at work, and both my brothers keen to have a look at the Edge screen. It does represent a step in the evolution of handheld devices - whether its an evolution that will be successful and spawn a long term trend, or whether it will be an oddity in a few years remains to be seen. But given it's built onto an otherwise excellent phone, it will be ok.


- Want to take beautiful photos. i'm not a photographer, and haven't ever really worried about taking more than happy snaps, but this produces lovely results that I've wanted to share with people.


Thanks again to Telstra for the chance to take part in this - hope my comments have been helpful for people considering this phone. I'll keep checking this thread for a while yet, so if you have any questions, please let me know.


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Re: Mobile Insider - Samsung GALAXY Note Edge

Just tried out the panorama mode on the camera, and just as @cbates described it's very easy to use and makes for a cool effect. The image isn't small, but I'll see if I can get one I can ppst on here.
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Re: Mobile Insider - Samsung GALAXY Note Edge

hi all!


-so the best things about this phone are the camera, the s-pen, the battery life and the heart rate monitor- i love how it can provide me with info and how it can be incorporated into a workout.


-the worst thing is i do need both hands to use it. not that bad of an issue but i haven't had any real problem using the phone and this was all that i could think off


so i would only change where the camera icon sits. when you are in the camera app and holding it in your right hand, there has been many an accidental photos taken and because you can take photo's really quickly, you will ended up with 10 or so unwanted shots lol


Definately go for this phone if you want something with a wow factor, love selfies, love great photos, love having options to customize the phone and don't mind having a phablet. This phone has replaced my old phone and become a companion to me.


thankyou telstra and Kat for giving me the chance to check this great phone out and be amongst the first users. I really appreciated being given the opportunity and i am really glad that telstra is interested in hearing what real people think about it, rather than just paid techies and bloggers. 


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Re: Mobile Insider - Samsung GALAXY Note Edge

oh and just a reminder that we were provided the phone for free so that we could give our honest opinions about the phone. i found this whole experience to be hassle free and fun and recommend that anyone get in and ask questions because you will get a real response from a real person.

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Re: Mobile Insider - Samsung GALAXY Note Edge


Hey Kat

Keep missing your messages/mentions about insider because you have my username wrong on your little postscript text. @pedah

Not been ignoring you, really 😉

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