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#Mobileinsider - LG G3 Handset Review

Welcome to the latest #mobileinsider round.


The Mobile Insider team are Telstra customers that are selected to be part of a social review team. This means that they trial new phones/tablets/accessories which they receive and provide honest opinions on them. 


This time our reviewers @extendo and @Jeneee are trialling the LG G3 Handset.


We're going to put their reviewers through their paces asking them everything about the phone - look, feel, weight, usability, apps, photos, ect.


We'd love you to kick off the discussion by submitting the questions on the G3 below.

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Re: #Mobileinsider - LG G3 Handset Review

Hi Guys and goodluck with your reviews.


I'll kick off:


1) What make and model phones do you currently run, that you might be using as benchmarks for the LG.


2) Lg have reinvented the positioning of control buttons on the LG G3 to the back of the phone. How do you find this.


3) Your initial thoughts on battery life?


4) Whats the cound quality like?




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Re: #Mobileinsider - LG G3 Handset Review

Hi Guys,


In your opinion, how responsive does the phone seem compared to other phones? i.e. is the phone quick to open/close apps? Have you come across any lag?

Level 3: Gumshoe

Re: #Mobileinsider - LG G3 Handset Review

Hi, I'm looking forward to reviewing the LG G3.


I've currently got an iPhone 4 and was thinking about jumping ship to Android anyway. This gives me the perfect opportunity to do that and see how the process goes and what it's like to use compared to the iPhone.


I should get the phone really soon so I can start posting more here.

Level 20: Director

Re: #Mobileinsider - LG G3 Handset Review

Hello Peoples,


I received the G3 yesterday and I am currently playing with it now and may I say that am impressed with the build and the quality.


I am currently writing a review and I would like to run some further benchmarks with different apps and so forth.


Without going into much detail now I would like to answer some of your questions.


@ReavusI currently have a Note 3 and the G3 is very very snappy indeed I haven't one noticed any lag what so ever even when running many apps.


@DEANJAAs above I currently have the note 3 and love it - With the G3 buttons on the back and me not reading the manual lets just say it took a little while to figure out how to turn on the device on however I can now see why they done this - I have streamed 3 movies today in full HD from my NAS at home and found the power level does go down due to the high quality of the screen.


Again I dont want to go to much into this as I would like to touch base on this later when i post my review.


To MattD and Jeneee Hi there


Please keep the questions coming Smiley Happy







Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: #Mobileinsider - LG G3 Handset Review

Welcome new #mobileinsiders!


I'd love to hear about the camera on the phone and see some examples of your snaps Smiley Happy


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Level 20: Director

Re: #Mobileinsider - LG G3 Handset Review


                                   My Review of the LG G3


Mobile : LG G3

Model Number : LG-D855k TELSTRA (Australia)

Android Version : 4.4.2 Kit Kat

Battery : Li-ion 3000mAh

Screen : 5.5 inch touch screen

Resolution : 2,560x1,440 pixels


Purchase : Where to purchase

Product Support : Official product support from LG


Hi everyone,


First of all I would like to take this opportunity to thank Telstra and the CS Moderators for choosing me to write this review.


Now, lets get down to business Smiley Happy


My first impressions out of the box is, it's a very light weight device (with or without the battery), in fact it feels different from all the other mobiles I have previously used. Being a current Samsung user I quickly discovered this device has something about it that other mobiles on the market currently lack.


The look of the G3 is awesome, the impressive style is what stands out and grabs your attention. The chassis and screen are sleek, the back cover has a steel look about it, however it's plastic, which gives it the light weight feel. The screen is surrounded by a thin bezel, which gives it that larger screen look, unique for the new G3 mobile.


I have added a few pictures to show you the surrounding bezel and the front and back covers also. This maximizes the full screen look giving you a bigger picture feel.





What's in the box


It comes with a mobile phone recovery bag, useful so you can deposit your old mobile safely, a USB charger, adaptor. battery, quadbeat 2 earphone, manual and of course the G3 mobile.




G3: The first initial boot up process


Being a person that doesn't read manuals, I wanted to see just how easy this mobile was to setup.


Now , if you are like me you would think the power button would be on the side of the device, perhaps on the left hand side or the right or even the top. Low and behold, it was located on the back of the device right next to the volume control. Simply holding down the power button for 5 seconds, activates the device ....bring the awesome screen quality to life, backed with the  4.4.2 Kit Kat operating system..


I timed the boot process, it took 1 min and 01 seconds   .....and there it was, with all its 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, 360 x 598 dp. The quality of the screen is amazing, the colors are brilliant and sharp. it's powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, clocked to 2.5GHz on the 5.5 inch touch screen, giving it that power and style it needs to make the G3 the market leader.


At first bootup, you're presented with a simple Setup Wizard, folllowed by a very cool feature, The Knock code , this allows you to protect your mobile by tapping your screen, up to 86,000 possible combinations, so there is little chance anyone would guess your unique Knock code.


G3 Performance


I'll be using my Note 3 from Samsung to compare the G3.

I will be using two benckmark application's to compare the two..


The below bechmarks tested the cpu and graphics.


Benchmark applicaction called 3D Mark benchmarks - Extreme Benchmark test

- Graphic test 1 tests an average of 530,000 vertices into the average frame.

- Graphic test 2 focuses on pixel processing, and includes many more post-processing effects like particles, blurring, and high dynamic range.

- Physics tests overall system performance


Note 3



Now as you can see the test 1 and 2 the note 3 beats the G3 however the physics test the note 3 smashes it.



lg extreme.jpg



Overall, good benchmarks however the Physics score is a little low which is not noticeable on the phone itself.


Benchmark application called AnTuTu Benchmark v5.0

Without going into to much detail with these benchmark tests the overall performance of the device so the higher number the better. 







LG G3 Antutu.jpg


The overall performance is not that far apart, that being said, the snappy response time between the two devices is not noticeable.

Opening and closing the apps on the G3 is quick. So if you're a person who wants the highest specs and clock speeds,you might find the G3 a little disapointing.







I love my music and I can listen to many styles of music , this depends what mood I am in. The speaker is located on the back of the device, so if you have the device on the table, the sound can sound muffled. I haven't found any settings to amplify the sound to give it more base and treble like my note 3 has , again this is a little disappointing.


Flip the phone over and listen to the music, it does sound much better however again the sound is ok and nothing to brag about. i'd say the sound on my Note 3 is much better than the G3.


The G3 does come bundled with its own earphones called quadbeat 2, with this plugged into the phone it does sound much better and making listening to your favorite tunes more enjoyable, however you dont' want to be using this all the time ,which can be a nuisance.



The G3 has a 13MP camera with a built in laser, giving you that perfect picture every time. Simply touch the screen anywhere when you are about to take a picture and presto, a clear a perfect shot. Another feature of the camera is the Dual Led flash light giving you the less blur and brighter pictures.


This has to be one of its best selling points with the built in OIS ( Optical image stabilization ) feature which basically reduces the shaking and blur when taking a picture.


Taking a picture with this camera is very easy, just press and shoot (in dark or well lit places) , and can I say, the above features the G3 offers is perfect in every way.

I am not one for taking great pictures, however this camera gives me the flexibility to make it work for me. Now, as a novice, i too can take brilliant photos.


When the screen display is off, you can access the camera by simply pressing and holding the Volume down key. You can also use the Volume down key to snap a shot. Now this might get a little used to however after a while you will be a pro.


I have added two pictures for you all to see both at 13MP at highest rez on both mobiles.


Note 3






As you can see, a novice like me, I can take a picture to look pro, this picture was taken of the same plant and time of the day with same settings on both mobiles. You can clearly see that the G3 wins hands down the quality of shot and vibrant colours.


G3 Tweaking the navigation bar

I like the option to add more buttons to your navigation layout , with the G3 you can have up to 5 icons on the task bar. However you cannot have any other icons unfortunately, however you can add the following: QMemo+, QSlide, and Dual Window.


Dual Window

It gives you access to view two applications at the same time on one screen, you can access this by long pressing on the back button , giving you a list of apps. There are not many apps to choose from, however it does what it does. You can make the screens flip by touching the screen menu. One cool feature is the Recent icon, so let's say you recently used youtube and email and closed the Dual window , and want to reuse those same apps, a Recent icon will be in the Dual window , simply press to access, saving you time.


Free up storage
After a while every mobile device needs a reboot to speed things up, however if you look in Settings, General, you’ll find a Smart cleaning option that can free up some space by deleting temp files and running applications in the background. I use this all the time and find it speeds up applications just like when I first got the device up and running.


Changing G3 Buttons
No hacking woo hoo !
I really like this option, simply go to the top of the device by dragging the menu down and tapping the settings icon located top right hand corner, then navigate to display tab. There you can see an array of settings to fully customize the look and the layout of your G3 buttons, which is a great feature.


Quick Remote
A really cool feature is the built in remote control option, this allows you to use your device as a remote control with many product names out there. Myself I have a LG smart TV and I simply went into the Apps, Quick Remote, Pick a room, Tapped on +,Added a remote control it scanned for my TV and found it.

I found setting up my LG easy, perhaps its a LG that's why, as for non-LG products, i have not tested this.


My Thoughts
What I like about the G3 is it's very light in the hand and pocket with a snappy response time. The camera would be one of the best selling points and I can certainly see why this is the case. The screen resolution is unbelievable , if you are looking for the best quality out there then the G3 is a must for you.

The LG website has up to date software with very easy to navigate layout , which makes the experience exciting ,which is a sign that LG are serious in building and maintaining a high end mobile with the big guns out there like Apple and Samsung. Overall a great mobile with a sleek look about it with all the features a user would want at a fairly affordable price.

A down side of the G3 is the battery, battery is drained relativetly quickly as the phone is one of the biggest on the market, the  QHD screen is a contributing factor, however if you are going to be using the device all day I would highly recommend you carry a spare battery or a charger with you because it simply will not last all day unfortunately.

The sound is also a let down, I was expecting some more power / quality behind it , this needs to be improved on the G4 , if one is ever release. So if you are music lover and need some good quility I would be popping into a store and testing this before you purchase the G3.

There are many features with G3 device and if anyone would like some more detailed reviews on anything in particular please let me know and I would be happy to answer.





Level 1: Cadet

Re: #Mobileinsider - LG G3 Handset Review

Hi, I am looking to (hopefully) buy an android mobile soon, currently have an old samsunf telstra flip open mobile. Your review was very helpful in my search to learn more about android phones.


So, thank you for that, I am going to keep looking and learning till I find an android phone that I will be capable of using without too much hassle. So far this is the only review I have read, not enough to make an educated choice as yet.




Smiley Happy


Level 6: Bloodhound

Re: #Mobileinsider - LG G3 Handset Review

I'm interested in finding out how the size of the phone impacts carrying it around day to day, especially if your current or previous phone is smaller.


Also interested in hearing how the UI is compared to other phones. 


Is there something you are surprised that the LG can do compared to other phones you've used and conversely suprised at things it can't do?


Level 3: Gumshoe

Re: #Mobileinsider - LG G3 Handset Review

Hi, I'd also like to say thanks to Telstra for the opportunity to review this phone.


What smartphone were you using before starting the review and what features did you most like about that phone?

I was using an iPhone 4 before receiving the LG G3. Features I liked: App availability for iOS devices. I've invested some money in apps for that phone. I liked SMS message received repeat notifications. I can do it on the LG but I couldn't see a repeat 2 or 3 times, only a repeat every 5 minutes or so. I liked the home button on the front. Buttons are on the back of the LG but you can tap the front of the phone twice to wake it up. Similarly volume/mute buttons were on the side of the iPhone and are on the back of the LG near the power button.


The iPhone was a lot smaller which had its pros and cons. I'm still undecided as to the larger size of the LG. Certainly the screen is clearer and crisper and makes using apps a lot more friendly for those whose eyesight isn't the best.


LG G3 setup process


It was pretty easy to get the back cover off and I finally managed to insert my SIM card from my iPhone4. The quick start guide is quite small which made the diagrams a bit tiny to read for me. I ended up looking up a Youtube vid to see where to insert the SIM card. It slides in underneath the metal slot which leaves room for a mini SD card to sit on top of it.


I got the cover back on and started the phone up which was very quick to start up. I'm certainly noticing the difference from my iPhone 4 which was starting to get a bit slow especially after updating to iOS7.


The hardest thing I had to do was decide on a knock code - a combination of taps to unlock the phone.


I noticed there was about 11Gb out of the 16Gb available before I copied my music over so all the installed software takes up a bit of room.


Moving data from iPhone to LG G3


As I knew I was getting this phone I'd found a site outlining how to move contacts and music from iPhone to Android. The main thing to do first is to turn off iMessage on the iPhone before commencing.


It was very straight forward and great to get all my contacts onto the new phone without any drama.


I manually copied music over (to the music folder on the phone) and I look forward to adding an SD card to get more on. As I only had a 16Gb phone that I used a lot for photos music took a poor second so I'd get sick of the music I had on it. I'm also very pleased to give iTunes the flick. I couldn't stand how you were bound to your version of iTunes and they made it really hard to get music onto your phone. It appears as though playlists from Windows Media have copied over so if I want I can setup playlists there to get onto the phone.


I haven't copied images over yet but I've already got images from the iPhone on my computer so that will be easy.




As a present to myself I bought a Logitech UE Boom (bluetooth speaker) which I received the same day as the phone and I bluetoothed music from my phone to the speaker. This was dead simple and worked really well. It did drop out a few times initially, and I'd have to reset the connection but has been fine since.


If a call comes while you're bluetoothing just hit the bluetooth button after you receive the call if you don't want to answer that way otherwise they can't hear you if you move away from the speaker. I'm not a talk on speaker fan.


What do you think about the entertainment experience and the appearance and weight of the tablet?


The LG G3 is certainly a lot lighter than I expected. It's pretty sleek with a lovely big screen on the front and a metal-like cover on the back.


I've ordered a screen protector and cover online as 3 shops I went into didn't have them and I know that I'll inevitably drop it at some stage. I also don't want to scratch the glass.


I've downloaded a number of apps and it was really quick for the apps to download and install.


And a nifty little feature I like was the Ask Google thing (similar to Siri I guess).




The camera seems pretty good. I've changed the default image saving setting to the full 13megapixels - easy to do through the settings of the camera.


These are all straight out of the camera - no editing. Note, it is a cloudy day here today.





After a few days what is your overall opinion on the LG G3?


Overall I'm liking the phone. I'm getting used to the size and I love the screen so that will win out for me I think.


I need to spend some time downloading some more apps.


It does seem to take a while to recharge the battery so I'm going to have to stay on top of this.


I'm looking forward to getting better acquainted with the features but it has been a trouble free changeover of phone and operating system.



Level 3: Gumshoe

Re: #Mobileinsider - LG G3 Handset Review

I'm not sure why all the images I uploaded above didn't show. Here are the others.





Level 1: Cadet

Re: #Mobileinsider - LG G3 Handset Review

Robot Very Happy


Great comprehensive and honest review!


very helpful and specific for those who are tech savvy and those who are newbs with smart phone usage




would like to see more of these!!!

thanks again..

Cat Very Happy


Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: #Mobileinsider - LG G3 Handset Review

Thanks for your reviews so far guys, interesting to see your insights!


I was wondering, based on your initial impressions do you think this phone could replace your usual handset?

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Level 3: Gumshoe

Re: #Mobileinsider - LG G3 Handset Review

I think this will replace my usual handset. I said above I was looking to replace mine anyway so the timing was excellent.


I'm gradually fine-tuning things on the LG G3. Things like turning notifications off on emails, facebook, twitter etc. I kept thinking I was receiving texts then wondering where they all were? Notifications for apps appear right at the top of the screen and you can swipe it down to see them. Actually I could probably turn off the sound and just check in to see what's happened every now and then.


I'm learning little shortcuts too, like inputting the knock code on the non-woken up screen - saves some extra taps.


I've also installed the Swype keyboard app and I think I'm in love.

Level 20: Director

Re: #Mobileinsider - LG G3 Handset Review



I have been playing with the mobile with the settings and I can honestly say that it is very customizable to make it work for me.


Being that there are new mobiles coming out very soon like the iphone 6 and so forth it will be interesting to see.


Would I change to this mobile I reckon that I would because I do not see any real issues with the mobile and the look and the design of the phone is awesome and has what you need on a mobile.










Level 3: Gumshoe

Re: #Mobileinsider - LG G3 Handset Review

love my D855K, by the way, when will Telstra going to upload the ROM to LG repository? imei)


no download link showing up.

Level 2: Rookie

Re: #Mobileinsider - LG G3 Handset Review


Why is it that Telstra hasn't made the 32GB interal storage, 3GB RAM model available; especially given Google's change of policy since KitKat on what can and can't be stored on SD (apps etc)? 16GB is insufficient even with an SD card.


We know Google hopes to have everyone streaming their data through apps like Spotify and Google Music, but given the cost of mobile data in Australia this is not a feasible option either.


Lastly, why has Telstra only made 2 of the 5 colours available?lg-g3-official-colours_verge_super_wide.jpg

Support Team
Support Team

Re: #Mobileinsider - LG G3 Handset Review


Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know I've forwarded your question onto our support team for their attention.

I will contact you again when I can answer your question


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Level 3: Gumshoe

Re: #Mobileinsider - LG G3 Handset Review

I've been using the phone for two weeks now and while I'm still getting used to the larger size I'm embracing it. For me it's not a problem to carry around as it's usually in my handbag anyway. And it's good not to have to always wear my glasses to read what's on the screen!


One thing I really like is that if you have gestures turned on, when you bring the phone to your ear an incoming call is automatically answered. That's very handy.


I can't remember if I mentioned earlier that I had trouble buying a screen protector and case for it, but I bought them online and it makes it a bit heavier but I feel a lot happier knowing if I drop it, it's more protected.

Level 3: Gumshoe

Re: #Mobileinsider - LG G3 Handset Review

Does the phone produce good quality sound? Is the LG G3 fast when using high resolution games, compacted content, etc.? Does it have the latest android?-(4.4 KitKat). 

Thanks Cat Tongue

You can also message me through twitter @AlisonHawky 

Level 3: Gumshoe

Re: #Mobileinsider - LG G3 Handset Review

The sound quality has been mentioned above as well, but it's a bit tinny via the phone's speakers. I haven't used the supplied headphones yet.


I'm not much of a game player but in my limited experience it is pretty quick. I certainly don't have the feeling of impatience at waiting for things to load etc. on this phone.


Yes it has latest Android version - mine is 4.4.2.

Level 20: Director

Re: #Mobileinsider - LG G3 Handset Review

The LG G3 sound is okay you will need to use the ear peace supplied to really enjoy the sound quality. being the speaker is on the back of the modem you will need to flip the mobile over to get that sound really going.


Pop into a store and test the sound on the device.

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