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Sony Xperia Z - Community Review Part 4

Great answers so far guys and good to see some addtional question from other Crowdsupport members.


Below is our next set of questions:

            Social media 

  • We have all done this, have you dropped it yet? If yes: where/what the damage Smiley Embarassed
  • I know this is unrelated but i thought i would ask, what do you think of Facebook Home and would you install it on your phone?

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Re: Sony Xperia Z - Community Review Part 4

Just wanted to say to those testing the Sony Xperia Z and who are making comments on the threads here, congratulations on the quality of the feedback and reports.


You could all get jobs as professional reviewers I think with any of the gadget orientated sites on the net.


I'm a dedicated Samsung user myself, but I do find the reports most enlightening, especially using the Jelly Bean system."(Always had Sony HiFi equipment and video equipment, so I know that the quality of there products is top notch.)


Once again well done guys and keep it up. 

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Re: Sony Xperia Z - Community Review Part 4

Hi CrowdSupporter's


@DEANJA and anyone else who reply's while I am writing this post


Thanks for your kind words, and thanks for reading, I am happy to hear that you are enjoying the feedback and reports from both ourselves and the CrowdSupport community Smiley Very Happy


Thanks for all your support, and most importantly -  reading


So last post I mentioned that I would add some extra info regarding the charging dock, when I insert my handset to the charging dock, we have some extra features.


Up comes Sony Smart Connect, this allows you to start an app, and many other things when you connect it to the dock (and other things such as the charger, headphones, TV, speakers etc), for instance, for me, when I insert the handset into the charging dock, I have set it to play music and show my images.


Here is a sneak peek:


Sony Smart Connect


This is the main screen, where you can add what opens, and when you insert the handset to the charging dock, for me, I open the SensMe Slideshow:


Add condition


You have the ability to change the music, to your own media files, a playlist, or the Sony default music, and the way your images are shown, zoom & grid, spin & flip, 3D frames or fade etc.


Here is what 3D frames looks like (also showing settings):


Change images-music


If you connect your headset to the new Telstra Sony Xperia Z, you can use the Smart Connect to open the SmartKey application.


This allows you to be able to tap the headset button, and this will adjust the walkman, here is an example:


SmartKey Example


and the rest (the idle menu), remember anything that mentions "No Action" you can change to what ever action you choose.




What an awesome feature Smiley Very Happy


How do you rate the Sony Xperia Z for:




I must admit, I usually don't play games, as I am one of those guys who always works (yeah right!), ok, I admit it, only sometimes. But when I do, I like to see games with a decent amount of graphics, racing, and fighting.


I downloaded Real Racing 3, and was pleasantly surprised with the amount of graphics available.


Hmm which one to choose?


Ford ofcourse!


That said, onto gameplay.


Well wow, what an experience, it is smooth, and fast in responsiveness to my hand actions, sound is just awesome, and most of all the graphics is superb as you can expect from this device!


Unfortunately, I can't take screenshots with the handset while in gameplay, or the game will pause, so lucky I have another methods of providing these screenshots to you:


3, 2, 1, GO!


The race:


The race!


Pitty, I did not do any better (really shows that I don't play games much):


A lousy 10th!




I get large amounts of emails across multiple accounts, so this is very important to me that I can:


a. Recieve these emails

b. Arrange them

c. Reply to them

d. Not be frustrated when I am done


Loving the email app, it is awesomely simple, yet powerful. I have the ability to combine all the account inbox's on the same screen, this is a very useful and time saving feature.


Simple, clean interface:


Clean & simple


You get all the usual features that an email app provides, but there are some other features in the email app that I would like to point out.


Out of the office notification

Quick reply options

Days to sync + frequency (IE: 14 days)

Email notifications - status bar

Selected ringtone of your choice

Turn on/off the notification light - awesome feature


The basic mailbox screen, has very pleasant icons that are very easy on the eye:


Basic mailbox - easy on the eye




Well, I must say that, with the gesture keyboard, it is very easy to reply/send messages.


I do not have to spend all day typing out BS messages, that everyone has to think about-  what the hell I just wrote, where if you have known me for a while, I hate SMS talk, so the ability for me, to be able to use correct english in my messages, is very important, so all my correct thoughts get across to my recipients.


I really love this keyboard!


I really love this keyboard!


The ability to be able to add pictures and snippets of notes etc to the messaging feature is just a life saver.


Social media


Well, as you know, I do a bit of this, sometimes it can be hard just to get by, with all the different social media sites available.


With that said, I just love the apps that the new Telstra Sony Xperia Z has, they are clean, simple and sooo easy to use.


Here is my facebook app


Facebook app


As you can see, the interface is simple, and easy to use, with options at the top left:


FB Options


I have to mention Twitter, as this is my favorite app, and social network.


Simple design, easy to walk about the app, and simple to post your tweet.


It has all the needed options that any tweeter needs:




Other social network apps are great, and the interface is simple, clean and easy to use.


I do use the other networks, but will not mention them in this post.


We have all done this, have you dropped it yet? If yes: where/what the damage Smiley Embarassed


Yes, I have dropped the handset, but I had a case that protected it, so there was no damage.


I did cringe when that happened, but all was fine (Thank god!).


The usual fall height was from the top pocket.


I know this is unrelated but i thought i would ask, what do you think of Facebook Home and would you install it on your phone?


Now I do have mixed feelings about using Facebook, yet, I have looked at Facebook Home, and no I do not want to "declare that all your home screens are belong to Zuck".


Sorry, Zuck but you own too much already! Smiley Surprised


Thanks for reading! Smiley Very Happy


If you have any questions regarding the new Telstra Sony Xperia Z, please reply, and I will be happy to answer any questions that you have Smiley Wink


Extreame Forums



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Re: Sony Xperia Z - Community Review Part 4


How do you rate the Sony Xperia Z for:



Like Extreame,  I'm not a big gamer, but, (ahem) purely in the interest of reporting on the capabilities of the Xperia Z, I downloaded a couple of games.


Imagine if you will, an aging hippy on a bus playing a "shoot-em up" game, and shouting out with glee when he kills a zombie and you get the picutre.


The gaming experience was fantastic, and one of the games I picked allowed me to use the positional sensors on the phone to move around and (ahem) shoot.







The sound and picture quality was fantasic, and I found that with earphones, it was almost surround sound.


The sound was especially good on the second game I selected, and have a look at the glorious detail:




The sound and image detail in that game was spectacular, it the graphics were smooth even when I zoomed in, out, or had lots more spaceships and vehicles on the screen.  Obviously, it's unlikely there is a game out there that will strain the graphics of the phone.






I've been using the email function since the day I got the Phone.  I won't put up more screenshots, because Extreame has beaten me to it again!


I agree with him about all of the features of how easy it is to use, and how you can combine the view of multiple accounts.


Tomorrow (monday), hopefully the IT dept at the Uni will let me set up the phone to access my exchange account on the phone (don't ask what stops it), and I'll hopefully do some screen shots.




I'm going to say WOW when it comes to messaging.  I've stopped using the keyboard, because I dictate SMS messages. Until you have tried it, you cannot imagine it.

            Social media 


I'm using Facebook and Google circles on the phone, and it's great for keeping my eye on things.  More importantly, I keep my eye on Crowdsupport threads I've subscribed to, and if something needs a quick answer, I can leap in and contribute if I'm away from my laptop or desktop.





  • We have all done this, have you dropped it yet? If yes: where/what the damage Smiley Embarassed

Well, I've done the ultimate. I dropped it from face height (5 ft 6) in the shower, and it went straight to the ceramic tiled floor.  It was wonderful to watch it fall in slow motion, tumbling as it went.  It was like watching "The Matrix" Smiley LOL

So all of the worst things could have happened, but they didn't.  It survived completely.




  • I know this is unrelated but i thought i would ask, what do you think of Facebook Home and would you install it on your phone?


Definitely not.  I like the personalisation that I'm allowed by picking and choosing the various clocks, widgets, backgrounds and fonts I can use. 


And I like "theming" ocassionally. If I'm in a Christmasy mood, I make the entire phone experience Christmasy for the season.

If my NRL team makes it to the Finals,  you can bet I'll have my phone themed for my team in the week leading up to it. That will include the home screen the sounds and ringtones.






If I've helped in some way, a Kudos would be appreciated.
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Re: Sony Xperia Z - Community Review Part 4

Hello CrowdSupport!


Well I must say,  If any of you are looking at a new handset,  I would definintely recommend for you guys to check the Sony Xperia Z out.  Its a great all round phone which has features that will suit anyone.


@ DEANJA -   Thank you for the great feedback  Great to hear you are enjoying the reviews.  


Now lets get into it.


How do you rate the Sony Xperia Z for:



  • I use public transport to get to and from work (both Trams and Train) so I find playing mobile games a great way to quickly pass the time to get to work and to get home. The Google Play store has a great range of games stretching over many genres to suit any person's game style, from the most basic, to the more sophistcated that will truely show how great the graphics are on this handset. Below are some games which I am currently playing.


4 Pics 1 Word:  For those that havent played this before,  the name of the game says it all Robot tongue  You get 4 pictures and you have to guess the common word that links all 4 pics together.  Highly addictive and if you are having troubles with the stage the game has a feature where you can post your pic on Facebook so that your friends can help you out.  Game is updated regularly for new puzzles.


 4 Pics 1 Word




 4 Pics 1 Word game screen



4 pics 1 word correct guess




UNO:  A classic game that has made a transition into the digital era!  Great game and everyone pretty much knows how to play.  The game play on the Andriod only puts you against the UNO game A I but you can change the difficulty settings for more of a challenge.  UNO has actually released another app on the iOS in which it allows you to play against real people and friends so I do hope it gets released to Android as well.



UNO is number 1



Uno is lotsa fun!



UNO game play




Marvel War of Heroes: For those that like Trading Card Games (TCG).  Marvel War of Heroes or (WoH)  basically follows the same basics as any TCG out there but with the main diferrence - It uses Marvel Comics characters.  This game is one of the only games out on the mobile platform that has been approved by Marvel and some original and even new Art Work from the artists that illustrate the Marvel Comics.  To summarise the game,  You build your deck to Attack as well as Defend from other attackers,  Level your cards and you are able to trade with other players for better cards. WoH is a free game but it features Micro Transactions where you can purchase cards (randomly) or extra items to increase your attack or energy.



Marvel WoH home page



My Page screen WoH



Build your deck to take down other players




Candy Crush Saga: One of the games the my girlfirend is totally addicted to.  Similar to the genre of  Bejeweled and Tetris. 


Candy Crush Saga









Into the Dead:  Wanglese has already posted some screen shots on this game but for those that like Zombie Apocalypse type games, this is one of those to get.  Aim of the game is to run as far as you can and not die. You can buy upgrades by collecting coins and you get the option to choose different control configurations. For the purpose of this vid, I have chosen the thumbstick option though I would usually use the tilt control.


Into the Dead









Captain Commando:  For those that like "Old School"  or  nostalgic arcade games.  I was really excited to find this game seeing as I used to play this on the SNES as well as the arcade. It is exactly like I remembered!   Brought back childhood memories of when I used to ride my bike to the arcade with my friends on the weekend. Smiley Very Happy


Captain Commando









  • I set emails up once I got the the phone.  Email function is great and easy to use.  I have set up my Bigpond, Hotmail and Work email on the handset and it works perfectly.


  • I love love love! the the gesture keypad.  Makes sending SMS so much quicker.  I have not yet used the dictate SMS function but I will definitely try this out sometime this week.


Social media 

  • I only use Facebook App at the moment.  I do have a Linkedin account but have not set this on the Sony Xperia Z.  The Facebook App functions exactly the same as the iOS so for those that do make the transition, you can use Facebook without any issues.


I know this is unrelated but i thought i would ask, what do you think of Facebook Home and would you install it on your phone?

  • Personally I would not download Facebook Home myself as I only use Facebook to keep in touch with my close friends and family in Queensland but for those heavy Facbook users I think it would be great to use.  For those that want more information on Facebook Home I have provided a link below which explains what it is as well as a First Look video.



Facebook Home First Look: 





We have all done this, have you dropped it yet? If yes: where/what the damage 

  • Luckily I haven't dropped the handset yet.  I am generally very good with my handsets even on a night out Lol!  Because of this I decided to do my own Sony Xperia Z water test which I have posted below.  Have a look and tell me what you think.  Smiley Happy


Sony Xperia Z Water Test:


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