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Device Updates

When a mobile operating system update or security patch is created by a software developer (eg. Google or Microsoft) and provided to a device manufacturer it needs to be customized to each variant of the phone, which are specific to country and carrier in many cases. This page has information about the current status of an update after Telstra has been notified an update is coming.

Your device may not have any detail listed if it is:

- a very new device that has not yet received an update; or
- an older device that has not been updated in the last 12 months.

Please note information on Google Pixel, Nexus and Apple device updates are not listed in this tool.

  • Manufacturer Notification
  • Telstra Testing
  • Approved for Release

The device manufacturer will notify Telstra of an upcoming update. In some cases Telstra will request an update as a matter of priority to address an issue identified in the field.

This step is denoted by the status 'Scheduling'.

Telstra and the manufacture jointly assess the scope of the update and agree on a testing approach. Testing for compliance commences and in the majority of cases a Telstra test rounds takes two weeks.

This step is denoted by the status 'Testing'.

Formal approval has been provided to the manufacturer by Telstra and the update will be released. Software updates are staggered over a number of weeks and can be slightly delayed for a number of reasons so all users will not generally get the update on the date listed.

This step is denoted by the status 'Approved'.