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DOT app on Windows network

I use the DOT windows app on my PC's.

At work the PC is connected to a small Windows domain and at home a small peer-to-peer network. I use the same login at both work and home.

The software works well from my home PC but at work a call will quite often drop my voice even though I can still hear the other party.

Both sites use ADSL my home is about 3.5mps and the office is about 12mps. The office is about two blocks from the exchange and the line is not busy when the issue occurs. Communicator.exe has a DSCP of 46 within windows group policy QoS.

I realise there is "best effort" and all that but the issue is consistent at one site and not the other. I am happy to accept it may be an issue on the local domain network but am not sure where to start.

Any suggestions?


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