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Download VPN client for DEVG2020 - Business Premium Gateway

The documentation available online and included with the business gateway (DEVG2020) http://www.telstra.com.au/business-enterprise/download/document/business-devg2020-vpn-configuration-... suggests to go to http://www.telstra.com/business/vpnsetupto download the client software. However the client softward doesn't seem to be available on this link. Even Telstra Business Support don't seem to know where I can download this client from and referred me to the "Platinum Support" which conveniently doens't work on weekends.


The link to download the client is supposed to be : http://www.telstra.com/business/vpnsetup according to the documentation.


I found a download on the netgear website (http://kb.netgear.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/22873/~/vpn-lite-software-version-5.50.007) but I am not sure if this version will work with the gateway.

Any suggestions on where I an download the VPN client software to connect to my VPN.


I tried this software, but the license key included with the router didn't work. So I guess it is not the right stuff.

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Re: Download VPN client for DEVG2020 - Business Premium Gateway

The instruction no longer apply as the location of the client download has changed.


The VPN client can be downloaded from:




Search for VPN but do not press enter. A popup for "Broadband downloads" will (might) appear.Select that and then click the search icon. The next page shown contains a link to the download.

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