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Porting Issues with DOT services and others

Hi All,


I'm hoping someone can shed some light. We regularly Port phone numbers from Telstra over to another carrier (Will be a VoIP number at the destination as well). We have no problems when we port a copper based service, whether it's a Complex Port or Simple Port. There's no real issues.


The issue we have is with some of Telstra's NBN VoIP bundles. Eg. DOT, TIPT, T.Biz Voice, and Business SIP services. We keep finding that we can't just do a Complex Port for the numbers due to various reasons as they always come back rejected.


Some of the reasons include the the entire bundle needs to be cancelled first, the Main Business Number needs to be changed first, then cancelled, and then the number converted to a CDNO (Exchange Based Diversion). All this before we can even submit the port order.


The issue we have is we can't seem to get a grasp of a proper procedure for this, or who can do it for us at Telstra. Lately, all IVR's on their various phone numbers tell you to go to the online chat, and then they tell you they can't help. The few times we do get through to a human, they either cold transfer to a team that knows nothing, or various teams have to be involved eg. one to cancel the service, and one to convert the number to an exchange based diversion), and very few are either able, or willing to fill out the necessary internal orders to get it done.


So, I have a two part question.


1. Can anyone help identify the difference between these various Telstra services so we know how to best handle the port process. I was under the impression DOT, TIPT, T.Biz and Business SIP were essentially the same thing, but just different plan names. Can anyone confirm this?


2. Does anyone with experience Porting numbers from these types of services over to another carrier (as a VoIP service) provide your experience, or any contacts, or information on the proper procedure for doing this?




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