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Trouble connecting Windows 10 laptop to V7610 VPN: Do I need a different router?

I'd like to be able to access my work network which is on DOT via the "Telstra Gateway Pro" V7610 (FW version V2.2.1.22) from home (or out-and-about)  using my Surface Pro 4 Windows 10 PC.


I have followed the guide carefully.


Reading some commentary from some other contributors has not been complimentary on the capabailities/reliability of the VPN on this device, so being a total newcomer to VPN I am wondering is anyone has successfully connected to the V7610 with a W10 client computer or is it just me being a noob and missing something.


Is there something I should be doing, not covered in the guide? Do I have to "port forward' something or such?


Should I turf the V7610 and get  something else?


Opinions most welcome.

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