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VPN not routing to network on Netgear DEVG2020

Hey there -


I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue whereby a DOT Customer has a Netgear DEVG2020 router.

It is setup as per the Telstra Documentation for VPN.

Client software is installed fine, and i can make a connection to the router.


After that however i cannot connect to the internal network or even ping anything other than the Router

FW is off


any help qwould be appreciated.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: VPN not routing to network on Netgear DEVG2020

I assume she can connect to the netowrk at the other end of the VPN?


The VPN software on her machine will genertlly prevent her from accessing the local network while the VPN is connected to the remote network.


You would need to set the VPN software to allow local network connection in order to see the network on her side of the router.

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Re: VPN not routing to network on Netgear DEVG2020

If you are using express, you will face this issue but not in purevpn. I faced the same issue earlier.

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