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Foxtel from Telstra - Entertainment On Us Offer FAQ's

This offer has ended.
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I already have Foxtel from Telstra, why aren’t I being offered a deal like this?
As an existing subscriber to Foxtel from Telstra, we hope you are enjoying the service! This offer however is to encourage those that haven’t tried Foxtel before to experience the benefits of the great entertainment packages on offer. It is also a way to encourage advocacy of one of Telstra’s premium entertainment products.

Are there any set top box fees?
There are no set top box fees (iQ2/iQ3) provided you meet minimum spend conditions for your first billing month. Standard installation fees apply ($100 standard installation).

Are there any optional extras included?
The offer does not include optional extras such as multiroom, Foxtel magazine, Main Event or Store. These are available at normal cost.

What happens at the end of the 12 months?
Your package will stay connected but will be charged at the standard rate, and move to a month-to-month rolling contract unless you cancel.

Is there a contract involved and will I incur fees if I want to cancel early?
There is a 12 month contract length associated to this offer. If you cancel your contract at any stage within the 12 month contract the standard Early Termination Charges (ETCs) will be calculated. The $300 Equipment Recovery Fee will be enforced should you not return the equipment.

Can I change my package during the offer period?
Yes, with Foxtel from Telstra you can change your package once a month to suit your needs. Provided you still meet the minimum spend conditions ($20 per month on additional Foxtel packages to the Entertainment pack) when you change your packages you will receive the recurring Entertainment discount. The Foxtel Online Self Service tool makes it easier than ever to make these changes, so make sure you head to My Telstra to take control of your Foxtel from Telstra service.

When will the offer end?
The monthly discount will be on your bill for the length of the contract (12 months), provided you meet the minimum spend conditions of the offer each month.

Your bills will move to standard charging for Foxtel from Telstra subscription after this contract period, should you choose to stay connected.

How long is the discount valid?
The 12 months of the contract

What will my bill look like?
For Platinum customers a line item will appear on your bill for 12 Months, reflective of your package and the discounted price. For all other Foxtel from Telstra subscribers (with a package stack), the $26 entertainment line item will simply disappear from the bill (in line with billing rules)

If I have a question on my bill who do I call?
Please contact Telstra Customer Assistance on 13 22 00, live chat or visit your local Telstra store. You can find other support material online at

How will I know when my contract term/offer period is finished?
Within My Telstra in app or in a browser, Foxtel from Telstra customers can see their ‘Contract Dates’. This is also the same date as the offer end date.


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