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Foxtel From Telstra Online Self Service FAQs

Can I upgrade my package or add channel packs through MyAccount, Who is eligible?

All Foxtel from Telstra customers subscribed Essential or Entertainment base packages can add channel packs and upgrade their package through My Account.

In some cases you won’t be able to upgrade your package or add channel packs online if:

  • Overdue bill – you will need to pay the overdue amount prior to making changes online
  • Pending order – if you have a pending order on your account, you will not be able to make changes online till the order is completed.
  • Foxtel pre-2010 – if you have subscribed to one of the Foxtel from Telstra packages before 2010 please contact us on 1331 999 for more information and assistance.

Can I swap channel packs MyAccount, who is eligible?

All Foxtel from Telstra customers subscribed to Essential or Entertainment based packages can swap channel packs of equal or greater value through My Account.


Can I add a channel package anytime through MyAccount?

Yes, provided you are subscribed to an eligible package (Essential or Entertainment Base) you can add a package to your Foxtel from Telstra subscription at anytime.


How will a package change appear on my bill?

If you change your package in the middle of your billing cycle, your account will be pro rated and you will be charged the new rate from this date. Standard package charges apply


How long will it take until I can start viewing the new package?

Once your add or swap order has been processed you will be able to start viewing the channel package within 15 minutes.


Can I downgrade or cancel packages through MyAccount?

No, if you would like to downgrade or remove a package from your Foxtel from Telstra subscription please call us on 131 999.


Where can I check the channel packages included in my Foxtel from Telstra subscription?

As an existing Foxtel from Telstra subscriber, you can check your channel package information using Telstra My Account or the My Telstra App.


I am currently receiving a discount on my Foxtel from Telstra subscription, will I be able to see this through MyAccount?

Please refer to your Telstra bill to check what discounts are being applied to your Foxtel from Telstra subscription. Your Telstra bills can be found in MyAccount. Orders processed through Foxtel Online Self Service in My Account will be charged at standard Foxtel from Telstra pricing.


I am on a Good, Better, Best offer, what will I be charged if I add, swap or upgrade my Foxtel from Telstra package?

Customers who are subscribed to a Good, Better, Best Offer will be charged in accordance with their offer business rules. If a customer adds, swaps or upgrade a package that meets the eligibility of another Good, Better, Best offer the relevant offer discount will apply.   

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