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Foxtel Now - How to swap packs

Even more choice is coming to Foxtel Now! You will now be able to choose and swap the packs you want with your Foxtel Now at any time. You can choose 1- 3 packs from the 5 that are currently available – Pop, Drama, Docos, Kids, Lifestyle.

All this can be done using the Foxtel Now App.

1. Start by going to the My Account Section of the Foxtel Now App. At the bottom of the page, select the ‘Swap my offers’ option.

2. You will see what packs are available to swap. Choose the pack that you want to change and select ‘Swap’.


3. Once selected, you will now see the packs you can apply. In this example, you can only swap to Docos or Kids as they’re the only ones available as part of your offer.


4. Once you swap, My Account will update your offer details under the order summary.



Find out more about Foxtel Now from Telstra.

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