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How To Troubleshoot or Reset T-Box

Many T-Box issues are easily fixed within a few steps, generally through resets or configuration. The following troubleshooting steps should provide you with common errors and easy fixes to get your T-Box working again.  


+ Channel 911

Channel 911 is a diagnostics channel. This will display the overall result or progress of each category. This is a handy tool that can help you diagnose and resolve your issues.

The diagnostic categories listed includes:


This section will warn you if you have gone over your data allowance (and are currently shaped),  if your Wi-Fi signal is low/poor and if you are attempting to view Foxtel over Wi-Fi.



The Signup diagnostics category will display an error if the T-Box is not registered and a warning if no movies account has been linked


Hard Disk

If the background diagnostics application detects HDD errors above the configured threshold it will set a property on the device indicating that a reformat is required.  


Free-to-air channels

The free-to-air channel category performs a scan through all FTA channels to measure the current signal strength.  It will also warn you if low signal strength is detected.



The software category performs a check to determine if the firmware version running on the box is the recommended firmware version.


If the current device firmware and recommended firmware version do not match an error is displayed with information showing the user how they can attempt to perform a check for new firmware.


 + Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

If your  EPG is not loading, first check via Channel 911 that your internet is connected and active and that your T-Box is registered and on the most current firmware. If everything is upto date, a Program Guide reset is required.


Select Settings from menu

Select T-Box Information (to the left)

Select Reset Options

Select Reset Program Guide


This may take around 1 to 5 minutes to complete the reset. If ongoing, a factory reset will be required. A Factory Reset will return the T-Box to its factory state, removing all settings, recordings and saved scheduled recordings.


To perform a factory reset hold the reset button on the bottom of the T-Box for around 15 seconds, the light on the front of the T-Box should flash 3 times and you will be returned to the welcome screen. You will then be prompted to begin the setup again.

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