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Can't upgrade package unless we go platnum

So we have Telstra and Foxtel linked into one account, at present the Foxtel is on the basic Entertainment package.


I rung up to get the movie channels added, but was told it can't be done, that the only way to add anything to our package is to upgrade to platnum at an extra cost of $90 a month. Oh but if I do this, I'll be privledged enough to receive $10 off my monthly bill. What a joke - Foxtel really shooting themself in the foot considering the likes of Netflix and Stan are up and running...

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Re: Can't upgrade package unless we go platnum



What is your current bundle called. ?


Depending on the bundle you can upgrade and downgrade your Foxtel channels.


If you change your package to the Home Bundle you can then change your Foxtel package to suit your needs mate.


If you are on a Entertainer bundle you can then only change your bundle and select the Foxtel packages that are default.




On the Left Tab - You can select any Foxtel package.

On the Right Tab - You can only have the default packages.


Hope that helps.


Cheers bud.


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