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Change to subscription Foxtel on Tbox, Foxtel Go ... ongoing issue since last week

Ok a bit of  a long story ... but after spending close to three hours on the phone to Telstra last week ... I am desperate to actually speak to someone that can assist.


Since Nov 2012, I had been using Foxtel on Tbox for close to 18 months - with no issues. Around the time Aussies was playing ashes in England, I added Sport to the basic subscription. Enjoyed Foxtel on tbox so much I bought a second Tbox in January. Around three months ago I added Premium Movies and Drama to my subscription, 

Around one month ago, after realsing Foxtel Go was available for Tbox customers, I started using Foxtel Go on Mac. 


Up until 17 August - no issues at all... all channels in package worked over wifi, no problems with Tbox and no problems with Foxtel Go .... (before I keep on going, I have spoken to around seven different people in Telstra support ... and they seem to ignore this fact!) 


My last succesful use of Foxtel on Tbox/Foxtel Go was 

- Friday night 15 August , watched a Movie on Demand 

- Saturday 16 AUgust , watched Get Started channels 

- Sunday morning, Foxtel Go watching Get Started Channels 


On Sunday 17 August around 10:30am , I removed Sport package and added Entertainment package to my Tbox subscripiton. I wish I did not make that decision ... 


On that Sunday night, I started getting 0612 on all channels, and error 5001 on Movie on Demand channels. I left it until the following morning as I was assuming that the issue was change in subscription and that per what was told by Telstra that it may make more than 24 hours to make a change...

(I would also like to stress that no other changes have been made to my home wifi or no more additional equipment was added to the home network.)


I think it was on Monday or Tuesday I first contacted Telstra - so many calls I am losing track... We went through the standard routine of entering sleep mode, moving the Tbox closer to router etc, swapping Tbox over (since I had two), etc so it must have been more than hour trying solutions. Thoughts were Tbox may also be faulty - but since I had two and same error appears possibly a more fundamental issue,  

Without no changes to my whole home wifi/network setup, the solution was in the end to organise an extra phone point next to Tbox to improve signal - again  no problems previously, I had a Wifi Network booster next to TV and using Speedtest on my iPhone I measure the speed at the where the Tbox is at around 12Mbs.... 
So I waited until Thursday - for my Telstra technician, 

Anyway, on Wednesday after Telstra support runnignthrough their script (of which no changes to Wifi network was made but ignored) I thought I will give Foxtel Go on the mac a try... This eliminates Tbox out of the equation - as the only change was to drop Sport Package from subscription - and then add Entertainment package. 


What I found was very interesting ... on Foxtel Go ... the only channels available to watch were the Entertainment package channels - with the Get Started and Premium Movies and Drama came up as locked - with the following message appearing in screen 'This channel is not part of your current package' - this to me points to an issue in the subscription to Foxtel ... However after three calls to Telstra, I cannot find anyone that can provide support.,, ie I am a Foxtel on Tbox subscriber trying to watch Foxtel Go ... responses include .. 'do we do that' or get put through to Tbox hardware support - but can't seem to find anyone that can assist in subscripiton... Again I would like to stress I had no problems with Foxtel Go up until the point on Sunday when subscription was changed. 


Ok - now I can get my Foxtel on tBox to work - if I would go to a Get Started channel first- I get a 0612 error - I go to an Entertianment channel - it works - change back to the Get Started channel - the 0612 error no longer appears - and can watch the Get Started Channel. Movies Channels work - except for Movies on Demand Channels - still get the 5001 error. Interesting on Baby TV being another on demand channel - it works fine... 

Ok - now back to the Telstra technician that attended my premises on Thursday - as I explained the above story to me ... he agreed it was not a line fault, and no need for extra point as in his words 'you have all the right equipment' .. He did assist in tidying up some poor wiring from when I first moved into the house 16 years ago... but in doing so the security system no longer communciates back to base ... 


So in summary

- Happy Foxtel on Tbox user for more than 18 months 

- Changed Foxtel on Tbox subscription on Sunday to cancel SPorts, add Entertainment,

- 0612 errors appear on channels

- Get around by going to Entertainment channel first then other Get Started and Premium Movies and Drama appear - except for Movies on Demand that continue to 5001  

-Foxtel Go reports Get Started and Premium Movie and Drama Channels is not part of subcscription, but can watch Entertainment Channels 

- Over three hours of talking t oTelstra support on Phone

- After work on Thursday by Telstra technician, my security system no longer rings back to base. 


I am so disappointed with Telstra - my beleif the issue stems to a subscription issue with Foxtel ... especially when Foxtel Go reports on channels I susbscribe to as 'This Channel is not part of your current package' - I can supply screen shots. 


So while this is a long email, I hope I can find a Telstra support person that will take the time to read it all, rather than run through a script on the phone.


Please help 







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Re: Change to subscription Foxtel on Tbox, Foxtel Go ... ongoing issue since last week

Maybe send a private message with all this info to a Telstra Moderator on Crowdsupport & see if they can find an appropriate person in Telstra to help you.


In the interim, did you try the "Reset Subscriptions" option in the T-Box/Menu/Settings/T-Box Info/Reset Options ?

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Re: Change to subscription Foxtel on Tbox, Foxtel Go ... ongoing issue since last week

Hi CrowdDudette


Yes - reset subscriptions many times ... 


I will try the private message to Telstra Moderator soon ... 


Trying to find someone at Telstra that can assist with Foxtel Go using Foxtel on Tbox I would have to say is difficult.... 



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Re: Change to subscription Foxtel on Tbox, Foxtel Go ... ongoing issue since last week

I rang Telstra Tbox support for the fifth or six time last night, and finally found Fred that understood my problem - confirmed it was not related to my Tbox but to the subscription! He reset the base subscription by unsubscribing to all packages and resubscribing them ... problems fixed.


Fred was a god-send ... he actually listened to me and not just worked through the set scripts!! 


Fred deserves a promotion! 




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Re: Change to subscription Foxtel on Tbox, Foxtel Go ... ongoing issue since last week

After going through much the same frustration of being bounced between Telstra and Foxtel, I stumbled across your post.


In lieu of trying to locate Fred I unsubscribed my Foxtel on T-Box and then resubscribed (the Get Started and Sport Package together) myself - and what do you know it worked!!!! I now have my Foxtel Sport package on both Foxtel on T-Box and Foxtel Go. Just be patient when you unsubscribe as it takes about a day to happen!


The issue appears to be a BUG between the Telstra and Foxtel systems. If you subscribe to other packages separately, after you have already the Get Started package, the other packages are not notified to Foxtel for them to work in Foxtel Go. You need to subscribe to all packages at the same time so they are notified to Foxtel Go.

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