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Does anyone have problems with their IQ2 box turning itself on and off constantly?


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Re: Does anyone have problems with their IQ2 box turning itself on and off constantly?

That sounds more like a faulty box. I have had an IQ2 for a while now (about 3 years) and no issues like that...

It might be worth trying some basic troubleshooting but I think that one might need a box replacement if the troubleshooting doesn't help.

if you haven't do so already,

turn the box off, unplug from the power supply, take out the smart card, give it about 5 min, plug it back in, turn it back on and when you get a smart card error put the smart card back in and see if that helps... this will trigger the box to resync and can help with certain issues.

If that doesn't help try calling 13 19 99 between 7:30am and midnight (eastern) and speaking to Foxtel support to see if they can give you more troubleshooting support and or arrange a replacement if that is required.
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Re: Does anyone have problems with their IQ2 box turning itself on and off constantly?

You can also reset the box which will delete all your recordings and also do a manual software update.


Reset the box
Firstly you will need to restart your IQ box, to reset any IQ box hold the buttons on the front panel of the unit itself. [Will NOT work using the remote! ] Find the "Back" and "Select" buttons and push both of them down and hold down together until the screen goes blank this will mean you have successfully reset the IQ box. This is a soft "reset" and the unit will turn itself off and on again a couple of times. [This method can be used anytime like a computer or phone anytime you find your IQ box playing up, use this reset method to resolve the issue.


Install the update
To manually install the update, after step one above restarting your IQ box you'll need to press a series of buttons in order as soon as it comes back on wait for ALL the LED lights { message; online; ir receive; and the online ) to light up — the screen should still be blank. and then promptly Press "Power", "up" arrow, "down" arrow, and then "Power" again. You will see an indicator bar installing the software and a message informing you it takes approximately 15 minutes.

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