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Foxtel box

II have and old iq box and broken remote and I can’t do on demand so the only thing we are watching is the new on foxtel so I’m thinking about canceling and going to foxtel itself as I’m not on any contract and it’s going to cost me over $85 to get a new box so I’ll pay less and have 12 months free Netflix, atm I thought I received an email from Telstra saying they were going to upgrade to the new boxes at no charge maybe I was dreaming I tried to call about this and the Telstra rep was all to happy to cancel my account rather then working on a solution when I’m paying for a premium Foxtel why should I have to pay to have a crappy box to be  replaced  so I can enjoy the on demand?

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Re: Foxtel box

Last year, Telstra did offer a free upgrade to iQ3 or better but that ended early this year unfortunately.


I understand how you feel and it seems that Telstra doesn't see great value in existing customers..  depending on what you like to watch and whether you have a Smart TV capable of running the apps, you could look at just signing up to Netflix / Stan directly - you might still save money each month. But check what your internet data allowance is first, movies/sport do use data, even more if you use the HD versions..

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Not with Telstra, just another customer like you!

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