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Foxtel Deals

I have been a Telstra Foxtel customer for over 20 years.  I received an email to say some of my channels were changing.  Checked my account and saw there were some new offers available.  I'm out of contract so called, waited 25 minutes to be advised that the deal I was referring to the Sports HD + Foxtel plus for $50 per month was for new customers only and there was no offer for me but maybe check in a month to see if there was something available as if I changed they would charge me $72 per month which is more than I pay now.  Businesses wonder why their is no loyalty, you offer new customers  better deals and nothing for the long term ones.  I'm sure if I cancelled my Foxtel I'd get an offer in about 3 months time inviting me to rejoin at the cheaper price.  How about you look after the long loyal customers as well. 

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