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Foxtel from Telstra

I’ve spent over 4 hours tonight just trying to get an additional channel on Foxtel which can’t be added via the app as I’m on a bundle.

Still no response 

Plus the same time in chat

Telstra there are plenty of Australian people who love a temp job in your call centres

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Re: Foxtel from Telstra

Hi Robboo

I too tried contacting Telstra for about 4 hours Today using various methods. For weeks I have been watching BBC Earth channel 614 on my IQ2 but Today it has now gone. My iQ2 is now saying I must upgrade my subscription, when I got the Foxtel the Entertainment Pack years ago I think the pack included 50 channels, now Telstra are saying 40 channels and when I select the Entertainment pack on my computer all I get is 12 Channels, I think I will try and cancel my service.   

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