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Foxtel Go not recognising my telstra login now. Working last week.

Hi there,

I've spoken to telsta tbox tech support and they could not help. Foxtel help just blatantly refused to help and telstra accounts said they could see something wrong and were calling Foxtel on my behalf and would call me back and then didn't. What is broken? I know my username and password and they work, but all sudden foxtel go doesn't recognise my credentials. Customer service is rubbish with you guys. Ive used live chat and been told to call foxtel, who said to call telstra tbox help, who said try crowd support and then put me through to accounts , but would call me back every hour and didn't. Telstra accounts said they didn't know how i was accessing foxtel go at all and they had to contact foxtel on my behalf. They put me on hold and then said they would call me back after they spoke to foxtel and didn't.

What sort of an operation are you running? Don't say telstra customers can use foxtel go and then provide no clear avenue for support. Foxtel were just plain rude and placing my complaint on crowdsupport at your request is really degrading. I don't like airing my dirty laundry online but you requested it, please fix my issue and contact me on my mobile. You have that since you didn't believe i knew my password until you sms'd it to me.

This is rubbish service Telstra.

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Re: Foxtel Go not recognising my telstra login now. Working last week.

OK Marc, have you tried checking the username and password that they have for your Foxtel Go?


See if you can retieve both through here, to see if by chance there's been a glitch in the systems that might have made a change: https://www.foxtel.com.au/got/login/forgot/forgot-password-email-check.html


Use the email address that you've used when registered to get both the username and password and check.





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