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Foxtel IQ4 Error F0704

I've recently updated my My Star box to an IQ4.  When installing the new box all seemed to be going well until the onscreen setup stage.  I received a message stating that it appeared I was not subscribed to Fox One and would need to upgrade at Telstra My Account (Error F0704).  I am (and have been for many years) a Telstra Platinum customer and my subscription takes in all channel packages and the HD service.  On the surface of I don't have anything to upgrade to!  I am familiar with the 'Fox One' channel and currently receive it via my My Star box so perhaps the Fox One referred to in the on-screen message refers to something else?  My online Telstra account reflects  an 'Order in Progress' (presumably the new IQ4 box even though I have received it) - this prevents any changes to my Foxtel subscription even if I knew what the upgrade was.  It could be that this block will remain until I register the new IQ4 which I can't do while the block is there so it's a real chicken-and-egg scenario.  Of course, actually speaking to anyone at Telstra is extemely difficult at any time and well nigh impossible in these COVID-19 days.  Has anyone else had this problem?  Any solutions?

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