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Foxtel Now Offer No Longer Working

12 Months ago we signed up for Telstra NBN with the 24 months free Foxtel Now offer. For 12 months we enjoyed full access with movies, sport, music, tv shows. It was a great offer and I told everyone how good it was!

About 2 months ago we could no longer login to Foxtel Now on any device. Couldn't reset the password and none of my details were recognised, we were completely cut off. After talking to Foxtel they finally realised they had incorrect details in their database for me - not sure how. 

After resetting my details and finally being able to log-on again, we realised we had about 5 channels left from the full access we had earlier. All of our "Continue Watching" shows, including movies were now locked. 

After multiple escalations, attempts to resolve (too many to list here) and being transferred between Telstra and Foxtel call centres and different departments with each, I finally received an email stating Foxtel have re-instated pop and lifestyle for the next 12 months. Still waiting to find out why we have gone from full access back to this?

We were told if we wanted the other channels we now have to pay for them. 

So, a few days later, the same day we received notification our Foxtel has been reinstated, I tried to watch Foxtel. Now there's an error message saying we haven't payed our bill and our Foxtel will be disabled!

What's going on Telstra?? We are long term customers and have invested plenty of our hard earned to receive a service. You need to take responsibility for this as Foxtel clearly aren't. 

The final straw - Today I receive a reminder email from Foxtel requesting I pay $30 to avoid disconnection! 

This is beyond unsatisfactory, it is now insulting. TELSTRA PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!!

The next step I am expecting is that I will probably risk receiving a bad credit rating for non-payment of a service that I signed a contract for to receive for free! 

It would be nice to hear from somebody before that occurs.



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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Foxtel Now Offer No Longer Working

Really disappointing, Mick. I do apologise. Do you have an open complaint about this at all? I'd like to know a case manager is taking a closer look at the specifics. - Matthew. 

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