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Foxtel to Telstra Foxtel

Ok. So I need to change our plan. We use up all our data every month 500gb.  Now we have used up our three top ups and running slow.  The old bundle we are on doesn't exist any more $135 a month entertainer.  We never used the T-box that came with it.  We found it was a lot of work to install it with it needing its own phone line etc and it had a limited package.  We already have Foxtel (not from Telstra and no longer under contract) and have 3 iQ boxes which is costly but gives us what we want.   So here's the question.  Is Foxtel from Telstra the same as Foxtel from Foxtel?  Do we pay to swap over? Do we have to have those silly tbox things? If so, do we need to install phone lines in every room?  Is it cheaper to bundle Telstra and Foxtel together (we pay about $150 for Foxtel with most channels not movies and 3 boxes).  I find all the info online really confusing and the hidden charges are everywhere!   Ultimately, we want the same Foxtel service with 3 iQ boxes and more data on the broadband.  Ideally for less money.  Any help would be great :-)


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Re: Foxtel to Telstra Foxtel

Hi Sue,

Foxtel from Telstra is the same as Foxtel from Foxtel, you're just billed by Telstra for the service rather than from Foxtel.


You can migrate the Foxtel service to your Telstra account and your hardware set up with the IQ boxes wont change. The signal will still come in via the method it does now (ie off a dish on the roof or the cable in the street).


As to package, if you're getting through 500Gb, I would only suggest one of our XL plans, which have 1000Gb in them. Now, with the basic Foxtel Entertainment package the monthly cost for all this goodness is $169/month on a 24 month contract. This only covers the first IQ box though, there is an additional charge of around $15/month for Multiroom per additional box. The Multiroom charge is the only bit I'm not solid on. If you want every channel, the total monthly cost is $259/month on a 24 month contract, plus the Multiroom cost. Sorry I can't be more solid on the cost of the additional rooms.


You can order all of this through the Telstra website here: or by diving into our Live Chat service here: where we can chat with you securely and get everything sorted.


Hope this helps, let us know how you get on!


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