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Hi new here


I am with Telstra for a very long time and I have just finnished a 24 month contract where I had adsl +2 with duet phone and fax.

As its over I am thinking of getting Foxtel

I can get it via cable in my area. Looked up on line

Now as I have never had Foxtel I was woundering if any mone can help me with a few questions.


1 as copper cable is under ground now can I get the cable underground as well.

2 How will it look like on the out side of my house 

3 How will it look inside my house.

I went to Telstra Chadstone and they said 90% it will be cable as dish are going to be used less and less.

He said the currant condult will hold two cables.

One will be the copper cable just for my phone and fax and the other cable will be used for Foxtel and internet.

If its possible can anyone show what it looks like with a picture the box that sits out side my house fro the inside as well.

Then he said from the box there will be a cable going thru the wall inside lounge room to connect Foxtel IQ3 box.

Q Is this correct or was he lieing to me.

Also I saw the IQ3 box and saw igt has an internet connection.

Does thaat mean I need to connect internet to it when its connect via cable or not?

Has anyone had any issues or problems with Foxtel IQ3

I really could use some pictures as haveing some electrical work done in loung room for home threater set up as power point, data points FTA tv points 

Lots of info will be helpfull


Thank you all so much


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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Foxtel

1) that would be hard to say upfront, assuming that it is over cable and not satellite it depends on the technician to assess the conduit and the details to work out if it can be done that way. If possible that is typically what they do but hard to say based on information online.
2) It will have a little utility box on the wall outside, it will be separate from the Telstra copper one but about the same sort of size.
3) Inside it will just have a Foxtel wall plate. (picture will be below)

If you check your address at http://tel.st/bundles does it show HFC/Cable internet or only ADSL? because the cable for Foxtel is the same as cable internet and typically if it only shows ADSL you will not get Foxtel over cable.

Also as they are no longer rolling out cable (nbn are adding a few extra houses in at some areas but for the most part), it is pretty much only people who already have the cable that will get cable Foxtel, everyone else will keep getting via satellite.

The wall plate for the Foxtel will have a cable that runs from that to the IQ3 box, and then the power cable and a HDMI from that to the TV. The IQ3 box is internet compatible, it doesn't need the internet to be able to be used for basic viewing but the internet connection gives you access to extended features like being able to view shows on demand, restart shows, catch up. It is advised for the full experience that internet connection is a good idea.


Wall Plate looks like this: 


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