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I only have foxtel for sport. There isn't any! I have been calling to change my plan for days. After some time on the call I get told I can change details online and get a link sent to me. I follow that link all the way till I get told I can only change plan on the phone. Foxtel will not answer so I am back to the start. I have tried foxtel  and foxtel from Telstra.  The chat bot is useless as well. Looking for help. As with most people I have to cut back on unnecessary expenses. Thanks

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Re: Foxtel

Same here, waste of time calling and messaging through the app. I'm seriously considering pulling all the kit out and sending it back and cancelling the direct debit. Their customer service has cratered. 

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Re: Foxtel

There does not seem to be a practical way to cancel, change or dispute anything with Telstra or Foxtel now. You'll probably need to lodge a complaint to get any action.


  • Customers are protected by guarantee (Australian Consumer Law)
  • Customers have rights to cancel (Australian Consumer Law).
  • Customers can make a complaint:


ACCC: https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/complaints-problems/make-a-consumer-complaint


Telecommunications Ombudsman: 1800 062 058 (Monday to Friday)



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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Foxtel

You can now downgrade your packages via https://tel.st/ywxh8

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Re: Foxtel

That's a start, but unfortunately customers still can't query a bill, and still can't make required changes:

If your Foxtel from Telstra subscription is part of a Telstra Bundle, or you have a Discount Offer applied, you'll need to request a change using yout My Telstra app (My Telstra App > Get Help > Tap the chat icon to start your request).

 And we know the Telstra App is limited... There's a long way to go.

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