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I have ADSL service stopped working . After many calls to Telstra they send a Tecnition who fixed the internet but couldn’t put together with FOXTEL . So I had no foxtel for a while. Calling again to Telstra and few weeks pass another Thecnition arrived cutting and changing some connections with my cables , but no luck to connect FOXTEL. He said the only way to fix it is to call NBN that has no connection to Telstra . More than 3.5 weeks pass buy and still no FOXTEL . Meanwhile I realize one of my Foxtel Connection to other room has desconacted as well. So no FOXTEL no good service. And I got the bill to pay . I am not going to pay for my Foxtel.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Foxtel

I'm not sure why a technician would tell you to call NBN Co if you are on an ADSL connection.
Is your Foxtel service through Telstra, or direct through Foxtel?
Also, if you are on ADSL, I'm assuming that your Foxtel service is Satellite Based (as it can't be delivered via ADSL). An internet outage wouldn't stop your Foxtel from working in that case.
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