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How do I change my package

Seems everyone wants the same thing but no one answers the phone...want to delete sports package and few other channels to reduce cost...see new customers get all channels even with basic package...been with foxtel OVER 20 YEARS get offered nothing grrr

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Re: How do I change my package

I want to cancel sport or swap with movies, tried call 3 x 30min each.  How can we cancel a package

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Re: How do I change my package

At the moment you can't change or cancel some packages online, but if you call 132200 or contact Telstra via Facebook or Twitter, you get directed to online self service... A vicious circle!
We're being charged for things we don't want and we can't do anything about it. So it seems the only option is to make note of what you've tried to cancel and then don't pay that part of your next bill.

Common sense. So rare it's a SUPERPOWER.

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