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How do I get Foxtel on a 2nd tv

We have a Foxtel box with our main tv in the living area but want to watch Foxtel in a bedroom also

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Re: How do I get Foxtel on a 2nd tv

If you want to watch the same channel, there are ways to split the HDMI output from the Foxtel box..  but it isn't a great way to do it.. or you could go to Foxtel Multiroom, but cost might be a killer..


Foxtel Go might work for you on a tablet or laptop..  a laptop might have an HDMI output to connect to a TV? and you aren't limited to just in your home - it will work anywhere with a decent internet service and plenty of data..

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Re: How do I get Foxtel on a 2nd tv

The easiest and cheapest way if you have an android TV is to install Foxtel go on the TV. You might have to side load the app.


If the TV supports chrome cast install Foxtel go on an phone or tablet and cast to the TV. You can also cast using the chrome browser on a PC. If the TV doesn’t support chrome cast  you can buy  Google chrome cast device for $59 for FHD  or $99 for UHD.

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