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IQ4 cost for Upgrade

Hi, I have had Foxtel from Telstra for over 20 years after having to move from Austar provider. I have had what I assume is a near original IQ Box for this time. Until today I have had the Entertainment, Drama and Sports package. I have just cancelled Sports as I am using my Telstra TV Box 2 to stream the App "Kayo". I also have Netflix via the Telstra TV2 Box. Both Kayo and Netflix I activated myself and not through any deal Telstra was offering as far as I know. I notice in past number of months an item on my Telstra Bill under Foxtel, "Foxtel IQ Service Fee". $10.00 What is this? I know we never own the STB but have I been paying this per month for the past 20 years? Now I find if I want to upgrade to the latest STB this is going to cost, even for a self install. What is going on here? I have everything with Telstra, Land Line, NBN, 2 x mobile phones, WiFi Hot-spot device, pay for top NBN Plan, plus for static IP address so my home automation works, I'm an ex-employee of 20 years, a Telstra Alumni Member, never used another provider and I cannot get a free change-over from outdated hardware that I have never owned but have paid a $10 a month service fee on for goodness knows how long. We are a two person household, both not working, only one of us has made the cut for a pension at this time under the Government's revised pension age regime and living off meagre savings. Why do I have to pay for a self-install change-over? I see new customers get free standard install as long as they stay for 12 months. I am already under contract, the cables are in, the dish is on the roof, it's just plug and play for me. Or is my best option is to cancel Foxtel from Telstra for a month or two and then come back later as a new customer? Please advise. Thank you in advance

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Re: IQ4 cost for Upgrade

Hi @Steve_The_Pom


Thanks for your post and sorry to read about your ongoing concern relating to your Foxtel billing. Crowd Support users do not have access to customer accounts so would not be able to offer you any specific account related information however have you been able to contact the accounts team over the phone to see if they can offer an explanation?


I look forward to your response.


- Jimmy

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