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Power surge blows HDMI out iQ2

A couple of weeks ago in one of Brisbane's storms there was a power surge that came through the Foxtel cable (not the power cable) and took out the HDMI out in the IQ2 box, as well as my home theatre and TV.

My questions include can I get a replacement IQ box? Does Telstra have any responsibilities to the other equipment as the surge came through their cable, and not the power cable?




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Re: Power surge blows HDMI out iQ2

Hi Keith, I am unsure how you have determined where a power surge has originated from, however you should be able to get a replacement IQ box without too much trouble by contacting our Foxtel Support team.


Regarding the other equipment I am honestly not sure but I expect it would be something that would need to be covered by your insurance.

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Re: Power surge blows HDMI out iQ2

Hi Dan


yep, plan to contact the support as soon as I get the time.


In regards to how I determined that it was a surge through the cable -

1. there's a surge protector on all of the power cables

2. I've tested all the equipment with a known video source, and the only thing that's wrong is the HDMI pathway from the Foxtel box, through the AVR and on to the TV

3. other HDMI sources that weren't on when the surge hit work fine when plugged in to a different HDMI on the TV

4. the things that are "blown" are the HDMI out on the iQ, the cable in and video out on the AVR, and the ARC HDMI port on the TV that was plugged in to the AVR.


Sadly the insurance won't cover half of my replacement costs, but that's my problem, and no fault of Telstra.




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