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Problems with our Foxtel

I need urgent help please we are having an issue with our Foxtel service I have tried calling but the issue is unresolved 🤬 they told us it was our internet so we have upgraded our modem to the new Telstra modem and still the problem exists , this has been going on for the last 2 weeks it never happened before when we stream movies it hangs or we cannot fast forward without it hanging and then we have to reset the Foxtel box by pulling out the plug also code f100 keeps flicking u so we can’t watch sports etc 

I find the Telstra service very frustrating as u cannot speak to anyone easily to get issues resolved I’m thinking of cancelling the service and maybe try going directly to Foxtel or just cancel Foxtel outright as we have a service we are paying for but cannot use 

help please !!!!! 

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Re: Problems with our Foxtel

Which model Foxtel iQ box do you have?

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Re: Problems with our Foxtel

How is your Foxtel box connected to the modem? If it is by wi-fi, try using a cable connection instead just to see if that fixes it (you will have to go in to the IQ settings to change the connection to wired).. It could be a modem wi-fi issue or setting if it works OK on cable. In that case, there might be a fix available to you.

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