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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Free to air or foxtel

Hi Betsyhelfire,

Are you sure that all of the points are for Optus Cable, and that they aren’t just free to air TV points with different connectors?

If your house is wired for Optus Cable you will be unable to obtain a Foxtel from Telstra service using the existing wiring. I do not believe that Telstra can re-use the existing cables as the wiring is owned by Optus. If you require new cabling this would be taken care of by Telstra during the installation process.

For each connection point where you want to run Foxtel you will need to get a Foxtel set top box on each service.

If you only want to have free to air on 4 of the 5 TV’s I would suggest investigating the wiring in your house and seeing how you can get antenna points in each room. If this turns out to be costly perhaps you could consider these other options:

- Foxtel multi-room service (between $15 and $25 depending on your Foxtel Set Top Box, per month per additional outlet)
- TBOX ($11 per month per additional outlet)

Any further questions please let me know.

<edited to update Foxtel Multi Room Costs>

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