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Telstra/Foxtel Nightmare

I have been complaining on and off with Telstra/Foxtel for the last 14 days.  


I recently moved properties and what seemed to be a relative easy thing to move services, has turned into a nightmare.  On the 28th August I had Telstra/Foxtel scheduled to move my Foxtel service, and connecte Bigpond Broadband Cable the first installer showed up and said cant install need traffic control, but was concerned with the legal height of the lines across the road. 


The foxtel installer showed up soon after and said he doubted they could get legal height and left.  


After calls to Telstra complaints I was advised that I had to wait upto 14 days for traffic control to attend, well yesterday the installer from Telstra was back, absent the Traffic Control that was supposed to be in attendance, anyway he said definately he can't install as he could not get legal height for the line.


That was it, I have been emailing and faxing the Office of Telstra CEO this has now been escalated to a case manager who called to advise they were my case manager but did not have an action plan nor read any of the notes on the file, the case manager wanted to send another technical guy.  Four guys and still no Foxtel or Bigpond cable.  


I have come to terms that I will have to settle for ADSL2 and get Foxtel Satellite, when I rang to get Satellite Foxtel refused as they said I have cable available Grrrrrrr!!!! incompetence at its maximum.  


To top this off my case manager told me that I should be greatful that I have ADSL and a Fixed Home line services as a lot of people cant get them.......Telstra alienating long term customers.


Anyway, Im not investigating moving to Optus.

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