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Telstra Foxtel Now Offer - The Song and Dance

I found the foxtel now offer in the Telstra My Account > My Offers section of the account website, accessed through chrome on my laptop - mac.


I went through the sign up process on my PC so many damn times and when directed to the foxtel now login page, i would get jack all from the foxtel website, it would just default me in to the foxtel now account page. Turns out, you have to do the whole process through the stupid telstra tv app on a device, despite the fact that i do not have a telstra TV.


This fact was also not mentioned in the telstra 'my account' webpage.
This fact was also not mentioned in the telstra 'my offers' webpage.
This fact was also not mentioned in the foxtel 'my account' webpage.
This fact was also not mentioned in the telstra promotional, contractual or instructional materials. Typical telstra stupidity.


I watched a little video that asked me to turn of wifi in the telstra tv app and go to 'my offers', went in there... and no offer to be found, the video said you have to be on the telstra network, to auto identify your account details... which makes some sense and sounds convenient.

However, I have a data share sim in my iPad, and this SIM is apparently not directly linked to my account, hence the offer did not appear.

Luckily I have worked in IT projects for a long time, so had to turn wifi back on and manually sign in to my telstra account in order for the offer to then appear.
Typical telstra stupidity.


Please fire your project managers and give me a job. It took me all of two seconds to work this scenario out. You have been paying someone 100k plus his teams salary, the least you could have done is played all the scenarios out. You guys have great products and i understand it has built up layers of complexity, but why do Telstra customers constantly have to do a song and dance to get anything to work right?

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