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Upgrade to iq4

Foxtel advises that On Demand has been discontinued  for iq2. Foxtel advised an upgrade to iq4 was $150, why is Telstra quoting $185. MyFoxtel is through Telstra. We have been Foxtel customers for 20 years and in that time have never been offered upgrades or freebies whereas new customers get incentives frequently.

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Re: Upgrade to iq4

Telstra did run an email campaign, offering free upgrades from IQ2..  it expired in February I think. Maybe you missed that? 


But if you use the My Telstra app, Get Help, blue chat icon, you can make mention of that offer and see if that will get you a free upgrade or one at a reduced price...  if you can find that email somewhere, that would help you..  after all the loss of On Demand from IQ2 was not your decision...


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Re: Upgrade to iq4

The cost of the box itself is $150. The standard install fee is $35 (so it sounds like they think you want someone to come out and install it for you). If you are on cable and need the satellite dish installed (iQ4 only works on satellite), the the installation fee is $100. All pricing is set by Foxtel.

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