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Upgrade to satellite IQ4 at no cost - then charged $100 for professional installation! Not happy!

I'm writing this as I continue a rather long but so far utterly pointless chat via the MyTelstra app.  I just thought I'd see if anyone in this community has any ideas.


When OnDemand stopped working, I accepted Telstra's offer to upgrade my existing iQ and iQ2 boxes to iQ3 at no cost.  But, not having heard a word about them in two months, in April I contacted Telstra again to be told that my only option was iQ4s on satellite.  Everything from the Telstra representatives is recorded in the MyTelstra chat: initially, "Both iQ3 and iQ4 offer at no extra cost", then "As it's a free upgrade, I may suggest for you to get instead the iQ4" and finally, "Just a dish needs to be installed along with the new iQ box. No worries, this is at no extra cost." 


So that was all clear and on that basis I agreed.  So the installation was done brilliantly (Roy has to be one Foxtel's nicest people!) but the first Telstra bill is $100 more than I was expecting.  (I've had Foxtel for years and this was meant to be a technology upgrade at no cost.)  There are two iQ4 charges of $150 and a Foxtel connection fee of $35, but there's a credit for $335 to cancel them out.


There's also a Professional Installation charge of $100.  And the chat's been a waste of time so far.  The person with whom I'm chatting can't give me their name or let me chat with a supervisor, and wrote, "we have clearly mentioned , only upgradation charges was free. As per process installation fees will chargeable only", and then, "even I have verify with my next level teams , they denied to process the credits for PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION charges. (sic) 


So I agreed to an "upgrade at no extra cost" (Telstra's words in the initial email of 15 December 2020), initially to 2 x iQ3 but then to 2 x iQ4 on satellite when Telstra stopped offering the former. 


Yet Telstra now bills me $100.  What an unpleasant surprise! 


What should I do, please?


PS  As I've typed, there may be someone new in the chat.  But as nobody will share their names or employee ID, I have no idea.

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Support Team

Re: Upgrade to satellite IQ4 at no cost - then charged $100 for professional installation! Not ha...

Hi there!


It can be a bit difficult for us to fully assist with issues here as we don't have access to accounts, but just to confirm - everything but the $100 technician fee has been waived, but the team have said they won't waive that for you, is that correct? 

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Re: Upgrade to satellite IQ4 at no cost - then charged $100 for professional installation! Not ha...

Thanks for the reply, @LauraBee, and yes, you summarised that correctly.

However, after seven separate chats via the app over the past two days, I am pleased to say that I have now received credits totalling $100 ... yes, credits (plural), as for some reason the first one was $90 and I had to go through it all again in two more chats to get the last $10.  

It's not meant to be this difficult to upgrade for free!

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