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Upgrading to iQ3

My understanding is that shows you have recorded on your iQ box are not transferable if you upgrade from iQ2 to iQ3.
If I was to upgrade and set up the new iQ3 box on one TV, can I watch my recorded shows on the iQ2 box using a different TV in a different room? Some of the shows I have recorded are not in Foxtel on Demand Anytime, so cannot simply re-download them on the new box.

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Re: Upgrading to iQ3

My understanding is that if you upgrade your iQ2 to iQ3 the box will be de-activated through that process and therefore lose any content regardless.

The only work around I can think of would be to request for a NEW multiroom (check install costs) to have a 2nd box running which is the new iQ3. Doing this would allow you to retain your existing recorded shows on the iQ2 albeit paying $25 extra a month to do so. Once you've caught up on all your recorded shows you could then cancel the iQ2 🙂

Hope that helps!

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